SEVA Meeting Minutes – October 2021

Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

Oct. 12, 2021 Meeting Minutes

President Jay Donnaway opened the meeting at 6:59 p.m. Former Scribe Kevin Boze issued the cry.

RIVIAN UPDATE: Jay reported that he visited the Rivian factory in Normal, Illinois, meeting former SEVA member John McGowen on that trip. Jay described his amazing ride in a Rivian vehicle. The 400-mile-range vehicle will have a 182kWh battery.

EV WORKS UPDATE: Jay reported that a Ram ProMaster refitted with a Tesla Model 3 drive is going into service for grocery delivery by Town and Country Markets. EV Works has now completed four van conversions for grocery delivery, and three more are coming.

NEW ATTENDEES. Cameron lives in Seattle and is looking to replace a Mini Cooper with an EV. Rick has a used 2015 Model S. Tamara is researching which EV to buy. Steve Kaylor described how his Leaf’s 12-volt battery drained out. Jeff Finn advised to lock the doors so the car’s computer goes into sleep mode and prevents battery drain. But Steve said that the Nissan shop found some added mystery circuit that seemed to be the culprit. Another new attendee, Paul, is interested in a DCC-9 power-distribution apparatus to bring level 2 to his condo. Jay described an apparatus, the “Split-Volt”, which will automatically switch 240-volt devices, enabling an EV to start charging when another appliance, such as a clothes dryer or second EV, finishes.

DRIVE ELECTRIC WASHINGTON UPDATE: Vice President Grace Reamer, who with SEVA President Emeritus Steve Lough is on DEWA’s board, reported that Drive Electric Washington has a survey in progress to find out what policy issues to emphasize in the upcoming legislative session. SEVA members are encouraged to complete the survey by Oct. 20. DEWA’s Advisory Board will meet on Oct. 22 to review the survey results. Upcoming issues may include the Road Usage Charge and Clean Cars 2030.

OUTREACH: Grace described a private ride-and-drive she offered in her Model 3, concluding that this is a great way to get people to buy EVs. Steve L. said that he did likewise. Kevin and Jay further discussed the benefits of ride-and-drives.

CHARGING: Grace and Rick discussed that EVs with today’s longer ranges can do fine with overnight charging on Level 1 or 16-amp Level 2. Therefore, a wall outlet or a 30-amp 240-volt circuit may be adequate for a lot of users who drive a considerable weekly average mileage..

RAFFLE: Linda won the raffle with a purse of $30. Paul won the second drawing for a toy Model 3.

Jay adjourned the meeting at 8:03 PM.

Minutes drafted by Billy Kreuter, Secretary, and edited by Grace Reamer, Vice President.

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