SEVA Meeting Minutes – April 2015

SEVA Meeting Minutes: April 14, 2015, President Stephen Johnsen presiding, 3 new members, 50 or more persons in attendance.

RICH RUDMAN PRESENTATION – star of Off-Road Warriors in Alaska, and owner of Manzanita Micro.  The show was about non-electric 4x4s but Rich has been working on an electric 4×4.  Rich has now built an electric Rock crawler Toyota conversion using a part of a Leaf battery pack acquired in Boise and a Zilla controller and DC motor.  Manzanita Micro got an order for Zilla 4K, which is for some crazy electric drag racing vehicle and it will handle 1.6 Mw of power!  Rich has been testing a Curtis AC controller with a new oil-cooled HPEVS motor for use in an electric motorcycle application in the artic.


  • Newcastle Earth Day, April 18, charging is available at Lake Boren Park
  • Bellevue College Earth Day Event, April 20
  • UW Cascadia College Bothell campus Earth Day event, April 22, 10 a.m.
  • Evergreen State College show for unique EV, April 29, noon
  • EV Car Show, May 10, Triple X Root Beer in Issaquah
  • Huge Greenwood Car Show, Seattle, June 27, set up in Walgreens parking lot, followed by club barbecue, $15 registration, and SEVA contributes $10 per car, Roy Lemur, Chuck Benson and Jennifer Northern will assist Steve this year
  • Shoreline Solar Fest, July 25
  • Silent Thunder, Sept. 20
NATIONAL ELECTRIC DRAG RACING ASSOCIATION – John Metric, president of the National Electric Drag Racing Association came up for a visit – he was here assisting Bothell High School class with the 800 volt battery pack for their electric race vehicle!
Formula E event in California, Stephen Johnsen, Mark Yormark, Ron Easley and several SEVA members attended second formula E race in United States. The Morenos drove a Model S down from Seattle. About 7 even teams competed, each with two cars. Because of high power usage, the range of cars is limited, so the drivers swap cars. China team won race. Electric bikes and bicycles did demonstrations, and BMW brought i8. Croatian Rimac supercar was there with the company founder. Inductive charging demo by QualComm.
BOEING FUTURE OF FLIGHT ELECTRIC SYMPOSIUM – Jim Lux and several SEVA members attended. Solar Impulse uses carbon fiber wings, NASA Helios, NASA Leaptech Wing with multiple electric motors along the wings, Airbus Concept E, Boeing Sugar, EADS E-fan, GFC Pipistrel, Sunseeker, Chip Yates Lindbergh, Boeing Cambridge Hybrid, Electraflyer ULS, Electra One PC Aero, Elektraflyer Moni, Luciole MC30. Many use pancake motors. Prediction that all airplanes will be electric in 30 years.
GROWTH, PROGRESS, ENERGY AND THE ROLE OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES – Larry Gales gave a presentation on this topic. Larry has put a lot of thought into a plan involving more lightweight electric velomobiles which if used en masse could have a dramatic impact on reducing the amount of energy consumed for transportation.
NEWS – MC Electric is moving from Dearborn location to Airport Way, open house liquidation sale on Wednesday, April 15, 1-7 p.m. The old warehouse building is getting redeveloped.
  • RAV4 EV –  contact Tom Hutchison,
  • Chevy S10 pickup conversion with new 9″ ADC motor, Zilla 2K-HV controller, high performance rebuilt transmission and racing clutch, Manzanita PFC charger, ailing lithium batteries and BMS, J1772 port, in-dash display and built-in car PC, tilting bed. Everything works and it drives but has some weak cells that need replacement.  Asking price of only $8,000. Stephen can put interested parties in touch with the owner, email