SEVA Meeting Minutes – February 2018

SEVA Meeting Minutes:  February 13, 2018, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 58 persons in attendance.

  1. REMEMBERING DAVE CLOUD – The membership enjoyed some food and drink, and shared photographs and personal stories about our departed friend and fellow member.
  2. UW ANNOUNCENT – From the University of Washington, Don Mackenzie is looking for people to assist in a research project. Don invited people to join him in a breakout session to participate.
  3. WELCOME NEW PEOPLE – John’s family runs Dick’s drive-in restaurant chain.
  4. EV OF THE MONTH – In remembrance of Dave Cloud, his collective efforts to produce conversions have been named the honorary “EVs of the Month.”
  5. ELECTIONS – Jay Donaway and Lee Howard have been duly named and elected to the Board of Directors. Congratulations to you both.
  6. BETTER LIVING THROUGH TECHNOLOGY – Our departing President has assembled a backpack with SEVA’s new video and PA equipment, and has bequeathed it with his best well wishes to our new president, Mr. Donaway.
  7. NEWS – It is Car Show Season, and the first car shows are typically for Earth Day (Bellevue College, April 19th). Mark your calendars  SEVA has an invitation from the City of Bellevue to participate in a car show on April 21st.  North Seattle College is doing an Earth Day event on the 18th of April.  Lots of opportunities, also UW Bothell on the 19th.
  8. ROAD USAGE STUDY – Lots of SEVA members are signed up, and a few of them have been contacted! Remember: without data, it is merely an opinion.
  9. FEATURED SPEAKER – Andrea Pratt from the City of Seattle manages the city’s Green Fleet Program. The city already has the largest charging facility in the country, and they are working to add another 100-charger facility in another parking lot.  She also mentioned that any vehicle that “can’t” be electrified, biofuel is scheduled to come to the rescue.  The city has a goal for 30% of the vehicles registered will be EVs by 2030.
  10. LEGISLATIVE REPORT – Vice President Schiller updated us on the ZEV Mandate, Port Trucking Air Emissions, Electrification of Aircraft, the Alternate Fuel Vehicle Tax Exemption (still alive and possibly extended), electric-assisted bikes (a bill that updates the language to reflect the changes in technology)
  11. SPACEX LAUNCH – President Johnsen shared the video of the historic launch that put a Tesla Roadster into heliocentric orbit.


Meeting adjourned 9:03 pm


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