SEVA Legislative Action List

SEVA is working in collaboration with Plug-In America, the Washington Electric Vehicle Advocacy PAC, Nissan, Tesla and major environmental organizations to promote EV-friendly legislation in the upcoming 2015 session.

The Washington Legislature will consider several bills and budget proposals aimed at promoting electric vehicle adoption.  In very exciting news, a bi-partisan, bi-cameral group of EV-driving legislators recently formed the first-ever EV caucus, and we expect to work closely with caucus members to get legislation passed.  Top priority goals include extending the green fuel vehicle sales tax exemption past its current-law expiration date of July 2015, as well as additional capital appropriations for the Washington Department of Transportation to continue building out the West Coast Green Highway, and expand DC fast charging to other corridors.

Passing this legislation will not be easy this cycle, especially given the budget pressures that the Legislature faces.

Would you like to add your voice to support transportation electrification in Washington State? Would you like to receive alerts on Electric Vehicle related legislation in this upcoming session?

If so, then please send an email to with “Legislative Action List” in the header with the following information:

I’ll use this list to keep you updated on bills moving this session and let you know when it would be best to call or write your legislators.  As always, hearing from constituents is the most powerful message that elected leaders can receive.

Together, with your voices, these proposals have a good chance of passing and helping keep Washington state a leader in electric vehicle adoption, with benefits to lower carbon emissions, cleaner air, and cleaner water.  Studies also show that the fuel cost savings to thousands of Washington families allows them to spend their money locally on other goods and services, creating more jobs for the Washington economy.

Thank you for your attention, and please sign up today to be part of this action list.