SEVA Meeting Minutes – January 2016

SEVA Meeting Minutes: January 12, 2016, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 30 persons in attendance.

LEGAL ANNOUNCEMENT, ANNUAL MEETING –President Johnsen made legal notification to the membership that our annual meeting will be the same time and place as the February meeting, except half an hour earlier (6:30). Notice is also hereby placed in the minutes, notice will be declared over the SEVA list (email) and notice will be given on the web page.

LEGAL ANNOUNCEMENT, ELECTION OF OFFICERS – The February meeting will also be the elections to fill the offices of Secretary and President. Call for candidates was made by President Johnsen to the membership, and a call for candidates will be made again at the February meeting prior to voting.


EV OF THE MONTH – Scott Vandivort presented the Radwagon, a 48V bike with a 750-Watt motor and 15-20 miles of range for the non-pedaler to 45 miles. Cost: $1,599, about half the price of most cargo bikes, which can sometimes go as high as $5,000. Top speed is the Federal limit of 25mph. And it has regen!

SPECIAL GUEST MIKE O’BRIEN, SEATTLE CITY COUNCIL – Councilmember O’Brien represents Fremont/Phinney Ridge/Ballard/Green Lake area. He is active on environmental and transportation issues, and spent some time talking with the membership about their own goals and visions of what an “ideal” energy and transportation future would look like.

VICE PRESIDENT ANNOUNCEMENT – VP Schiller shared with the membership his own “State of the Union” regarding SEVA’s Charge for Change public charging plans

SMALL, INEXPENSIVE WATERCRAFT MOTORS – But the Law needs to catch up with technology. Joe Grez demonstrated a need to call for an exemption (SB 6120) so that small watercraft can enjoy small electric motors without the unnecessary extra equipment called for in a “power” boat.

THE MCCOY LEGISLATIVE REPORT – WA Building Code Council unanimously approved legislation to require EV charging capabilities in new construction.  Sales tax exemption was extended.  Investor-owned utilities can invest in charging infrastructure. EV registration fees are going up, but some of that money is dedicated to highway fast charging.  Mr. McCoy cautions that expectations for this session are very low, citing the emphasis on fixing the education system. There is interest in “Fixing” the 35K EV sales tax exemption price cap.

Meeting adjourned at 9:09pm