SEVA Meeting Minutes – April 2014

SEVA Meeting Minutes: April 8, 2014, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 34 persons in attendance.

1. RECAP OF EVENTS – TRED event held. Many people attended TRED “virtually,” NORTH SOUND EAA MEETING in Mount Vernon had a “surprising” number of attendees, thus launching a new EAA chapter. SIERRA CLUB had an event at Bastyr College, rated a “great success” by those present. WILD HORSE WIND FARM held an event, which has 50-amp outlets available for charging. The wind farm is also available for tours! EASTSIDE EXPLORATORY MEETING had more than 30 attendees, sharing lots of information and ideas about how EV advocates might form their own presence in the Issaquah area.

2. SEVA SERVER CRASH – About three weeks ago, SEVA’s crash resulted in our website going away, and disrupting the email list. If you haven’t heard from SEVA lately, that’s the problem. It is being repaired. If you are not on the email list, send a note to our President at and he will personally add you. You can Google “SEVA Email List” as well to find the Google Group or visit the SEVA email list directly.

3. UPCOMING EVENTS – Earth Day is coming up on Saturday, April 19th Newcastle event at Lake Boren Park. There are many events in connection with Earth Day, and it semi-officially kicks off “Car Show Season”. You are encouraged to check out the event calendar online for all the newest information.

4. XXX ROOT BEER ALL-ELECTRIC SHOW – May 11th This is going to be our big chance to show our stuff at one of the premier car-show locations in Washington State. It is very important that we have an accurate count of people who want to show cars or attend, so please register your car as soon as possible. Don’t delay!

5. LEGISLATIVE NEWS – There is a national effort to pressure New Jersey to reverse its stance and allow Tesla to continue to do business in that state. SEVA has a new Legislative Issues Coordinator, John McCoy.  Many thanks to Jeff Finn who previously held that position and has done so much for SEVA and EVs in Washington State! John McCoy announced that he is going to Olympia this Thursday April 10, to support a potential $600 rebate that Pugest Sound Energy would offer customers who install EVSE!

6. BMW E3 ON THE SCENE! Pat shared the information on the conversion project done by his students. The 2001 BMW that resulted was gleaming out in the parking lot for the membership to see and is one of the fanciest conversions around. Well done!

Pat’s goal is to break the High School drag race record.

Meeting adjourned to break-outs at 9:00.