Chevy Volt: Low Noise, Low Maintenance, No Koch Brothers

Img of 2017 Chevy Volt

Name: Billy Kreuter  Car Year: 2017  Make: Chevrolet  Model: Volt
Range: 53±15  Battery Pack Size: 14.2 road usable DC-Charge Capable? No

1. Why did you choose to drive electric?

I hate petroleum

2. How long have you had your EV?

This one, 20 months

3. Have you had any range issues?

No, it often exceeds rating and there’s no degradation

4. Do you use it more as a daily driver-commuter or do you do long road

I am not a regular car commuter; car is all-purpose

5. Have you had any issues with your EV?

Some minor bugs in audio-system software

6. What are the 3 BEST things about driving electric?

(a) No Koch Brothers; (b) Almost no maintenance; (c) Almost no noise pollution

7. What are some of the challenges about EVs?

(a) Advance planning for public charging; (b) So little wasted energy that cabin
is chilly in winter

8. What is the funniest or strangest questions reaction you’ve gotten from
driving an EV?

The reason why my sister-in-law won’t buy an EV: “The batteries
make so much pollution!”

9. What’s the most positive reaction someone’s had to your car?

“It looks so cool!” (Myself, I don’t really consider cars for their looks.)

10. Will you ever go back to driving an ICE engine?

To the contrary, the Volt is a plug-in hybrid and it has its own ICE. Any migration
will be to no ICE at all.

12. What else would you like the word to know about electric cars?

You can go anywhere and do anything with an EV or plug-in hybrid.

13. Lastly, if members of the public have questions, are you willing to be
contacted? And how?


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