SEVA Meeting Minutes – September 2013

SEVA Meeting Minutes: September 10, 2013, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 48 persons in attendance.

SEVA CUSTOM LICENSE PLATE FRAMES – Suitable for framing (license plates, that is). 100 have been ordered. They will be available for $10 a pair by the October meeting. Get yours!

GREEN EVENT AT FORT LEWIS – And a big “thank-you” to our EV faithful in Tacoma for agreeing to staff this event.

NATIONAL PLUG-IN DAY – Will be held at Eastside Nissan in Bellevue. There will be BBQ, refreshments, and even a prize or two. Nissan will be clearing off their “rooftop” parking lot to accommodate the cars. Sign up, and bring your EVs!! Registering at ) Lets make this a really big Show. They have room for over 100 EV’s

WELCOME NEW FACES!! – We have eleven people in attendance for the very first time. Our Membership man, John Mark made sure they have SEVA information and EAA membership applications.

WE’RE NUMBER TWO! – Still behind the folks in Cupertino. Help us out with bragging rights, and join the EAA and SEVA today. You can do it ON LINE at the EAA Web Site. ( )

BROCHURE – The SEVA brochure has been re-printed and the new version is available. Funny that this venerable information tri-fold has harbored some typos and spelling mistakes for these 4 or 5 many years. NOW CORRECTED. Thanks to John Mark for finally taking a moment to proof-read it.

MORE FROM CHAD AND PLUG-IN AMERICA – On a national level, we have been pushing hard to get EVs to market and to urge people to buy them and drive them. There are about 130K EVs on the road today, so “get people in cars” is working out. The new challenge is often at the Dealership Level. Obviously selling an EV is not as profitable as a gas car. More training of Sales folk, more education of the customer, less come-back Service work and profit. Now, the national organization is focusing on legislation that addresses EVs and their place in the new century.

CHECK OUT THESE EVENTS – Sep 14 is Auto Angels Car Show at the Bellevue Presbyterian Church. Sep 21 is Summer’s End at Lacey CarFest (Huntamer Park in Woodland Square). Sep 22 is the Lake Forest Park display. Contact if you wish to attend. Our own Stephen Johnson has organized yet another EV Drag Racing evening come Sep 27 at the Bremerton Drag Strip !

THE RAV4-EV IS BACK!! – Rusty’s Daughter in law gave a nice presentation on the 2013 RAV4-EV. Euphoria ran over the history and specifications of this latest offering from Toyota with Battery and Drive Train help from TESLA. They bought the RAV4-EV in California and had it shipped to Seattle.

LEGISLATIVE ISSUES – And there are many. Jeff Finn helped lead a lively discussion on what SEVA’s legislative priorities may be in the immediate session and the years to come. Some discussion ensued. EV HOV privileges, and having Washington State adopt emission standards like California and Oregon would bring more EV models to the state, like the FIT-EV, the Fiat 500e, the Chev SPARK-EV, and others.

ELECTRIC AIRCRAFT – Chip Yates, a friend of our very own Gean Seamour, has set a new record for an Electric Airplane climbing to altitudes and beating their gasoline equivalents. What’s next? Re-creating “Lucky Lindy’s” trans-Atlantic flight with an all-electric plane. ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES – Gean also had his hand in creating “Brutus”, an All electric 700 lb. road bike is which showing ‘em how it’s done at Sturgis, beating the pants off of every gas hog on the street in street-light drag racing.

JASON FROM MC ELECTRIC – Reports that a new company, GET, has created a bus that will be replacing gasoline jitneys in the Philippine Islands and elsewhere.

Not brought up during the formal meeting, but there was a lot of interesting GEAR on the Display Table. Notably a new LiIon Battery module, and a new EVSE J1772 unit from Manzanita Micro.

I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC – Deb Seymour will be singing at Sep 29th for Sustainable Ballard, with her EV Ballad.

COMING TO AN OUTLET NEAR YOU – There were many reports of new charging stations in relatively remote places.

SEVA ON FACEBOOK – Grace would like to remind everyone that SEVA now has a presence on Facebook. Post your pictures. Tell your stories.

CALL FOR ELECTIONS – Is 33 years enough ?? Steve Lough, our long time President, gave the crowd a shocker, by saying that “The time has come to retire as your President”. You read that right: we are calling for elections for all four board positions. President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Nominations will be accepted at the October meeting, and elections will be held at the November meeting. Steve will step aside come December when he turns the Big SEVEN O, come December 5th. He was heard to say..”It has been an honor to help bring this small gathering of 7 or 8 back-yard engineers up to the Second Largest EAA chapter in the USA.”

Once again, thanks to our recording secretary Kevin, and President Steve for posting these minutes,. The meeting broke up at about 9:45. See you all come October 8th if not before…

Steven S Lough
President: Seattle EV Association
206 524 1351