SEVA Meeting Minutes – January 2018

SEVA Meeting Minutes:  January 9, 2018, –Called to order. Officers introduced. 44 persons in attendance.

  1. LEGAL ANNOUNCEMENT, ELECTION OF OFFICERS – The February meeting will have the elections to fill the offices of Vice-President and Treasurer. Call for candidates was made by President Johnsen to the membership, and a call for candidates will be made again at the February meeting prior to voting.  Jay Donaway has been nominated for President, and Lee Howard for Secretary.
  2. CALENDARS STILL FOR SALE – See Treasurer Yormark.
  3. EV OF THE MONTH – Grace and Kevin’s Tesla Model 3 was the “Belle of the Ball” at the January meeting, and some of the membership braved the cold and the rain to check it out.
  4. THE ANNUAL SEVA AWARD – Presented by the Board to Kent Bakke.
  5. EV NEWS – Concept car from Kia is out with a 64kWh battery. We’ll see if it makes it out to production.  A Model  3 did the “Cannonball Run” in record time!  Also, the Model  3 has a 0-60 speed that is faster than Tesla advertises, and several new corporations have taken an interest in Tesla’s new semi-trailers for hauling freight.  Range Rover has come out with a PHEV Concept, adding that electrification will “filter in” with every car Range Rover makes.  A study shows 80% of electric vehicles are leased, not bought.  Good news for the secondary market!  There are 48K electric charging stations.
  6. DRIVE ELECTRIC WASHINGTON – President Emeritus Steve Lough announced that DEW will be holding a meeting Friday, Jan 19, at Kirkland Library from 10:15-11:45.
  7. ON THE OLYMPIA FRONT – President Johnsen shared many of FORTH’s legislative goals (which happen to precisely dovetail with SEVA’s goals). Including extending the incentive tax, commute enhancements, carpool incentives, adopting ZEV standards, and finding ways to incentivize dealers.  Another announcement is that California has introduced legislation to make all vehicles zero-emission vehicles by 2040.
  8. WELCOME JOHN FROST – Mr. Frost has announced that there is a Zenn and a Miles for sale.
  9. COMPARE AND CONTRAST – President Johnsen shared his thoughts on driving the Model 3, the 2018 Leaf, and the Chevy Bolt.

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