SEVA Meeting Minutes – September 2018

EVA Meeting Minutes for 11 September 2018

Jay Donnaway convened a SEVA Board meeting, Jay, Lee Howard, and Mark Yormark, present.
Grace Reamer was nominated and appointed the VP of SEVA.

Jay Donnaway began the SEVA Meeting

Steve Marshall – shared the history of his collaboration with the City of Bellevue in electrification. He is working with organizations like Forth and SEVA to ensure that they are at the forefront of these technologies. His department is called Transportation Technology Partnership. One priority to is to get places to charge.

Jay – Steilacoom NEDW event was the largest registration in the nation.

Ben Farrow – from Puget Sound Energy. PSE ran a rebate program for EVSEs. This gave them data for ratepayer charging usage. They learned that 1) people don’t charge every day, and 2) people don’t charge at the same time every day. They are working on their next set of programs. This may include workplace charging and multi-family housing. (They would expect to approach the property owners.) They also will incentivize when EV owners charge at times when electric rates would be low and off of peak times (could be done with smart EVSEs or vehicle telematics). Increased EV charging demand could cause ratepayer costs to go down as a whole due to better utilization of infrastructure. Also more public charging at $2/hr currently for Level 2 and $8.50/30min for fast DC charging. (They would lease sites for 10 years, own and operate the stations.)

Jay – America’s Car Museum in Tacoma will host the 2nd Ride and Drive event. 10AM to 4PM on Saturday the 15th. XXX – on Sunday in Issaquah 9AM – 3PM. Sustainable Ballard. DC Charging at the LeMay Car Museum.

From the crowd – GM Announced that the API is available for Volts and Bolts

Rick Henderson – shared a presentation on “The Power Docking Port System”. Allows connectivity for charging to be integral with parking. Uses direct contact, self cleaning, power blades. Designed for human drivers and automated parking. Design for simple and inexpensive construction. He is looking for interested parties in commercializing it.

Recommendation from Steven Johnsen to look into a business accelerator program.

Steven Johnsen – presentation on driving an EV on Uber and Lyft. You have a captive audience and will make money doing so. He drove 20,000 miles on a LEAF with Uber and Lyft. You need to be able to pass a background check, you need insurance, a picture, an inspection of the vehicle. He makes an average of $25-30/hr. Stated that EVs are ideal for ride sharing business use because of reduced maintenance. Flexible driving as much or as little as you want.

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