SEVA January 6, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

SEVA Board Meeting Minutes

January 6, 2015

In Attendance:  Stephen Johnsen, Mark Schiller, Kevin Boze, Philip Skoog, Mark Yormark

  1. The Secretary, Kevin will send out notice to members about the February annual board meeting. We’ll hold it from 6-6:30 pm at our regular monthly meeting on 10 February.  We’ll mention it at our January meeting.  Kevin will send the notice via email on our regular listserve and Mark will post it on our website.
  2. To file taxes we can just file form 990 since we make less than $50,000. Mark Y. will do the filing.  However, we need to complete item 3 below prior to this.
  3. To establish SEVA as a separate non-profit, we have to pay the IRS $400 (because we make less than $10k) and file a 1024 EZ form. Stephen will fill out this paperwork and submit it to the IRS.  It may take several months to get final IRS approval.
  4. SEVA funds status: $1,475 in bank account of which $627.79 is in checking and $465.21 in savings and cash is $382.00.  There are no outstanding debts.  We have a monthly charge for AT&T for $22.85.  Mark Y. and Stephen have a debit card from BECU.
  5. Our monthly January meeting agenda: Sell remaining calendars for $10 (more commitments than paid), Board meeting on February 10, vehicle show and tell (rich ruddman), Stephen to describe his trip to CA in a 2011 Leaf, Legislative agenda, Bothell HS drag race vehicle (Pat McCue), upcoming events, summary of what SEVA has done for its members.
  6. Consider having SEVA donations above $X receive a free calendar like the Sierra Club does.
  7. For Little Green Light we should also track employers of members (matching donations), also only track member car make, model, and purchase/lease.
  8. Figure out which companies offer employee matching gifts (Philip sent Mark S. a link with this information). REI will give their dividend in cash to non-profits.
  9. For SEVA’s 2015 budget we propose spending money on the following: charge for change, Little green light, advocacy at car shows (behind wheels), promotional material, staff to help charging at SEVA meeting location, legislative help and assistance, paying for fees at shows.  Other things we considered were materials for young people, doing a joint SEVA project (focus on charging infrastructure), meeting speakers(?).
  10. Benefits of belonging to EAA: it provides insurance (~$400 annual cost if SEVA had to get its own insurance), provides current Events magazine, EAA gets $25 out of $35 annual membership, and they are a national organization. Mark S will investigate how to coordinate funds and CurrentEvents magazine subscriptions as we migrate to LGL.
  11. SEVA’s official phone number is 425.200.4EVS (google voice phone number). SEVA’s official address is PO Box 92, Renton, WA 98057.  SEVA will send an email to Philip Skoog to document his phone expenses were a donation to SEVA.
  12. 2015 budgeted expenditures: $400 for IRS filing, $800-2,000 for events, $100 for phone, $25/month for Church, $? Bank fees.
  13. We should ask the Church Minister how they would like our donations.

Board Decisions:

  1. Approved spending $400 to IRS to establish SEVA as a non-profit.
  2. Approved the requirement to seek pre-approval by a majority of SEVA board members (via email or in person) prior to committing SEVA funds.
  3. Approved donating our monthly raffle money to the Church up to $25 or the SEVA portion of the raffle proceeds, whichever is less.
  4. Approved spending $100 every year for a pay as you go T-Mobile phone number, plus more as needed up to an additional $150 on an annual basis.
  5. Mark Schiller will pay for first two months of LGL as a donation to SEVA.