SEVA Meeting Minutes – February 2020

Here are minutes from the Feb. 11, 2020 meeting:
Secretary Billy Kreuter agreed to be the substitute crier in Kevin’s absence, calling the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. President Jay Donnaway announced that our long-time member Jeff Smith passed away last month. His wife, Sandi, was in attendance and spoke. She is selling their Clipper Creek EVSE, and has given up the Leaf, due to financial difficulties. Sandi also recounted stories including how the Leaf got stuck in the mud where she and Jeff had moved last year. President Emeritus Steve Lough thanked the Smiths for their many years of participation and said that Sandi’s items for sale would be posted online.
Jay called for introduction of first-time visitors. Kevin has a Kia Niro. Pasha is interested in buying a hybrid and maybe working on a conversion. Terry and his wife have a Soul EV and are considering whether to buy it at the end of its lease.
Jay mentioned Brian Henderson’s road trip, including the amazing 62-kilowatt Chargepoint station.
Special Guest Bill Kinney presented advice on a hyper-miling. He has owned 41 cars, including a recently acquired Prius. He won Hybridfest with his custom painted Honda Insight. Bill described his techniques for obtaining amazingly high fuel efficiency:
  • Most important is tires; get one size taller and one size skinnier. Use Low Rolling Resistance tires.
  • Choose a concrete road surface instead of asphalt.
  • Increase the tire pressure; most tires accept 44 PSI.
  • Most vehicles get their best economy at 34 mph. Above that speed, consider just going slower.
  • In-city, maintain momentum by adjusting speed far in advance of traffic-light changes.
  • Watch gauges to improve psychological factors affecting efficiency.
  • Take advantage of slopes.
  • Bill takes many hints from Wayne Gerdes, who sets world records.
Legislative Update – Jay mentioned SB 5811, the ZEV bill, and Jeff Finn reported that it’s been promised to pass in this year’s short session. It would take effect in 2024. Jay mentioned HB 2515, the bill promoted by Coltura, saying that SEVA has not yet endorsed this bill, which will by 2030 forbid sales of new petroleum-fueled vehicles. It was pointed out that the average gas car, at 8 kWh to refine every gallon of gasoline, uses more electricity per mile than an EV. SB 6082 is the bill promoted by Rivian to expand to all EV-only manufacturers Tesla’s exemption from requirements to retail only through dealers. Auto dealers opposed to 6082 packed the hearing for this bill. Jeff said that after an outcry from EV owners protesting its 3½-cent-per-mile rate, SB 6586, establishing the RUC, was passed out of committee as a substitute bill that deletes all language mentioning rates; the rates will instead be recommended by the Transportation Commission. HB 1110, the clean-fuels bill, has passed the House but will be contentious in the Senate. Vice President Grace Reamer reported that Sen. Saldaña is proposing a bill to require new housing, including single-family, to be EVSE-ready. Sen. Fortunato, an EV opponent, has a bill to require utilities to charge 3 cents per kWh additional for EV charging.
Events – Jeff says that there will be a Drive Electric Week event on April 22 in Sodo. Jay mentioned an EV-101 event on Feb. 22 at the Tacoma Envirohouse. Shelley Boschert also is conducting EV 101 on Feb. 22, at the Shelton Library. Experienced EV users are invited to come to help answer questions and maybe do ride-and-drives.
Jay introduced Teresa Ramsdell, president of Tesla Owners of Puget Sound. She discussed the formation of chapters of this group in Washington. Four new superchargers have become available in the past few months. The Renton store has an upcoming grand opening and ribbon cutting.
Jay announced the annual election and called on Grace to conduct it. Grace read the pertinent sections of the bylaws. Grace called for nominations for the board positions of President and Secretary. Billy and Jay are standing for election as, respectively, Secretary and President. There were no further nominations. Paul moved to elect Jay as President. Mark Yormark seconded. Jay was unanimously elected President by the membership in attendance. Steve Johnson moved that Billy be elected as Secretary. Roger Swearingen seconded. Billy was unanimously elected Secretary by the membership in attendance.
Steve Lough reported on Fully Charged in Austin. Jay, Brian Henderson, Mark Yormark, Roger, and Steve Johnson also attended.
Grace conducted the ticket raffle. Roger won. Proceeds will go to Sandi.
The meeting adjourned somewhere in the vicinity of 9 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Billy Kreuter, secretary