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EVents/2008 05 22

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EV Lecture and EV Car Show - Kenmore Jr. High School

Steve Lough has been asked to lecture on his Favorite Subject, Electric Cars again at Kenmore Jr. High School, on the evening of May 22nd in their cafeteria. The Address is: 20323 66th Ave.NE. Kenmore. One heads UP 61st Place NE from Lake City Way, Double back on Lockwood to 66th Ave, at that point you will see the school.

In stead of just preaching to the youngsters, this evening EVent, 7 pm till 8:30 is being extended to the Parents, and Students.

Looks like we have 2 vehicles coming, but we could use MORE. So Contact me. And come Along

Steve Lough stevenslough -at- Day: 206 850 8535 evenings: 206 524 1351


Kenmore Students and Parents Show Interest in EVs

I have to be honest – I was wondering how many junior high students would get their parents to spend an evening at the school being lectured on the value of Electric Vehicles. When I showed up (late I might add), the room was nearly filled to capacity, and fully engaged with Stephen’s presentation.

I thought the turn out was great, and I was encouraged to see our future leaders showing such a sincere curiosity and interest in Electric Vehicles and alternative modes of transportation. Lots of soon to be driving kids had suggestions and question ranging from perpetual motion to running vehicles off of the force created when liquid nitrogen expands into it’s gaseous form.

The parents – as well as some faculty of the school also asked great questions from how long until we can buy one from the big automakers, to how far can they go and can the batteries be recycled. All of which I thought were fielded and addressed well by Mr. Lough.

Following the speech and an informative question & answer session, the group got to see the X1 smoke the Ferrari and Porsche in the quarter mile on the large video screen. Unfortunately, some videos were not able to launch – likely an “I’m a mac, and you’re a pc so let’s not play nice issue”.

The real fun began when we were dismissed to view the 5 cars that were on display (thanks again to everyone who was able to bring their cars, trucks, and “motorcycles”). I took several pictures which are in a photo gallery at the bottom of this post. If anyone wants the fully uncompressed image(s), just email me (keep in mind they will be about 4MB each).

The genuine curiosity & enthusiasm from the parents and students was amazing. There was also a representative from the Bothell Reporter (please correct if it was a different paper) there to cover the event, thanks finding out about it from someone’s blog. His name escapes me at the moment, but he got a ride in Jeff Finn’s Voltrunner at the end of the night, and hopefully he will have great things to say about the experience – and EVs in general.

Please feel free to make any corrections, add names, edit this as you see fit. It’s my first “post” on this site, and I just wanted to share the photos and a summary of the event.

--Aviken 12:46, 25 May 2008 (CDT)