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The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) wiki is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse, nor is it endorsed by, any of the businesses, organizations, or individuals which may be the subject of, or mentioned in, the articles contained in these pages.

The SEVA wiki is maintained by a community of individuals interested in energy and transportation issues generally and in electric vehicles in particular. This community maintains on-line, open content web pages which anybody may edit or add to. Therefore, no representations or guarantees, express or implied, are made regarding the accuracy or completeness of any information you may find here. As with anything on the web (or elsewhere, for that matter), users need to take the responsibility of exercising their own judgement as to the nature of any information which they read.

Some of the photos on the Seattle EVA wiki have been released under some form of free license which makes a grant of commercial usage rights (for example, the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License (CC)). These license grants concern the rights retained by or granted by the photographer. The subjects of these photographs (and possibly others as well) may enjoy certain rights to privacy and publicity associated with their names and images and that these rights are rooted in public law. Users of the material contained within these pages bear the responsibility of determining whether or not such privacy/publicity rights are implicated and of conforming to whatever public policy regulations exist regarding same.