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I am an entrepreneur with web savvy. After watching Peak Oil, I purchased Who Killed the Electric eyes have been readjusting every since.

My interest in Electric Vehicles stems from a great curiosity of electricity, an intense drive to make things more efficient, being fed up with buying foreign fossil fuels because "there is no viable alternative", and generally wanting to become more self sufficient. I am also very interested in solar, wind and water generation of electricity, and I tend to think out side of the box.

In 2003 I quit my day job to run my start up ecommerce company full time. After 4 years and several online stores, I decided to close or sell my online stores to focus on my family and serving God in my church. I am still active in small business - especially online ones, but more as a supportive / consultant role - not a business owner.

I am very vocal about what I believe in, and I believe electric cars have huge potential. I do not trust big business (that includes our government) to bring dependable, cost effective EVs to market anytime soon. I believe that the oil companies, the automakers, and our government are all in this together, to help line the pockets of all 3 parties. I do not believe they have the consumer's best interest in mind, only how many billions in profits they may extract. The large automakers have the technology today to build a car that gets 75MPG (or more) on gas alone, but they don't have to, so they don't. They have the technology now to produce on a large scale, totally electric cars that outperform the EV1, and sell it at a price point of $30-40k - but again they don't. They are too efficient. They loose far too much revenue in extended contracts, service work, repairs, and replacing of simple part that wear out (too quickly if you ask me). All companies make their money somewhere. If any business is giving a great deal - they they are making their revenue somewhere else, that is a fact (or they will go into the red and eventually fold).

Something my psychology teacher taught me my junior year in high school was to "follow the money". Simple yet sound words of advice, that seems to be the key to so many problems - problems that could be solved if it were not for the love of money.

That's it - that's a little about me.