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Welcome to the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association Wiki Archive WebSite
Chapter Members of the The Electric Auto Association
"Promoting the use of electric vehicles since 1967"
"To convert a gas car to electric is the HIGHEST form of recycling."
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Our monthly meetings are held at the Church of the Nazarene above the Mosaic Community Coffee House.

There are five Considerations to keep in mind as you discover Electric Vehicles; Range, Environment, History, Efficiency, and Potential. We hope you enjoy the site and no, we do not power our EVs with lightning, yet. Rather, area grid electricity tends to come from Clean Hydro-Electric resources, and regional Wind resources may have even more potential. Also check out some new Solar Incentives for Washington State Residents which make home solar power even more attractive.

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April 2024 EVents

You can often find SEVA members participating in one of their favorite pass times, Racing! That's right, Electric Vehicles are pushing the envelope by drag racing thanks to NEDRA the National Electric Drag Racing Association, check out our archive of the 2005 NEDRA Woodburn Nationals for a taste of some high performance EVs! You can also find many members daily drivers along with their race vehicles at various EVents. Check out the latest NEDRA event, Battery Beach Burnout, wrap up for January 20th and 21st at

We have two main areas which focus on the vehicles, one branch for Electric and another for Hybrids. While our main focus is on conversions we also have information on production vehicles. If you're looking to buy a BEV you might check out our For Sale page.

There are a few new areas focusing on Batteries, Fuels, and Pollution. They are very new and may be incomplete at the moment. You can help by adding content to these pages...

Visit the new Media page for a list of good movies and audio podcasts on the topic of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

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Be sure to browse our Electric Vehicle Forum and feel free post comments or ask questions at your leisure. This is the perfect place to go if you have a specific question that you may not feel comfortable pushing into everyone's email box.

SEVA has created a website at targeted toward members of the general public who are unfamiliar with EVs. The SEVA101 web site provides information in support of our Charge for Change fee-free public EV charging stations program and its online contribution site.