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Ryan encounters the Tango.

This is my User Page and as with most things is a work in progress, enjoy! Moments ago it was 2024/07/13 04:18UTC. I also have a page at:

I'm a big fan of Li-ion and polymer batteries, both Li-ion and Li-polymer, which are related and have the similar chemistry characteristics, like NiMH and NiCD. PbA are the heaviest and least energy dense but can easily deliver power and are cheap to produce, they are also one of the most recycled of products. Ni has better energy and weight characteristics though Li is as much again better representing the greatest of battery chemical potentials. Li has only lately been able of delivering great power and long life, since current mass production cost is more economical than you might think it could now deliver the potential promise of the electric vehicle better than can sometimes be imagined.

While modern motor controllers delivered consumer level control quality and power I also appreciate the simplicity of fully mechanical contactor controller designes similar to a non-computerized carborated pre 19?? gassoline car.

Contact info for Ryan Fulcher, (206)280-3054, webmaster(at)seattleeva(dot)org


Music Video Mashups

EV and PHEV info, images, and video clips set to Nine Inch Nails track The Warning and including a number of Who Killed The Electric Car video clips.

This is my first "music video mashup" created with Sony Vegas 7. After the minor post production work on my video "Resurrected EV1 comes to SEVA Meeting" (, GM EV1 WWU Resurrection) and listening to NIN on my commutes home I thought it was time to set some images to music in an attempt to portray a message about the past, current, and future state of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. The odd flag images and USBM warnings used in the video are from the album and AIR-Art is Resistance. I hear that GM wasn't very thrilled with the last video of a running EV1 I and others posted, so I'm sure they will be thrilled with this one. Just remember it's meant to motivate you and them towards the goal of getting such vehicles onto dealer showroom floors. Once that happens I'll start to make happier videos that poor less salt into the EV1 wound.

ToDo List

I need to work on these pages : News, Research, Other Resources, User:Rjf/Links Ð

2017 Chevy Bolt

2011 Nissan Leaf

Open-EVSE Builds

Lightning the 2000 Honda Insight

Ryan and his Honda Insight.

The Honda Insight is an outstanding machine, one of few close relatives of the NSX having grown up in the same factory. All Aluminum with 10kW of torque-ie electric and an ICE so optimized it even had it's own 0w20 oil. It still sports the best aerodynamics, fuel economy, and is an all arround fun drivers kind of car.

Blue the 2005 Toyota Prius

I've moved this section of the page to EAA-PHEV:PriusBlue as it has grown somewhat.

Electric Kawasaki EX500

See User:Rjf/Electric Kawasaki for the details.

500 Watt Tiger Scooter

A 24v electric scooter, with detachable seat and storage. It has a Lithium-Ion pack which delivers 10 miles of range.

Radio Controled

Various small vehicles.


I build a Li-ion battery pack for a submarine replacing three disposable (AA) cells with a pair of small rectaingular cells. One pack was wired in parallel with stock voltage and had rather lacking performance, as it did out of the box with duracells. A second pack was wired in series and with twice the voltage running the propulsion motors which then ran twice as fast, the fun facter was substantially improved.


Broke the trainer and haven't got a real plane yet, the "Air Surfer" is a fun and durable nurf type glider which delivers good entertainment and fly time with a proper smart hobby type battery charger.

  • Also fits into the Watercraft category...
  • - A cheap $120 toy knock off by Air Hogs, looks like fun, but some of the reviews don't look so hot. Perhaps it would do better with a "Battery Upgrade", perhaps more voltage/speed might help though it's already got LiPo, which is tough to beat.

State of the Union 2005

User:Rjf/State of the Union 2005

BEVs, GNU, Buda, and Jesus

  • BEV, Battery Electric Vehicle potentially independant and non-destructive transportation
  • GNU, Open Source License to protect the Source (knowledge) before the Open Sourcer (Creator)
  • Buda and Jesus, you know, those guys who walk the walk and talk the talk
  • Post about Better World Theory, from "If I'd Known Then What I Know Now", (C) 2003 by JR Parrish.

Administration Stuff

high rate anon contrib

These high rate anonymous contributions sorta make me nervious, I would rather these folks had an account. I wonder where some of this content is coming from, some appears to be small and by hand while others seem to be copy edits.