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This is a disarray of links.

Ran accross this very interesting Sixth (EM) Sense!

Online Resources

Space Elevator

Policies / Climate Change

Energy Bill

Climate Change


Oil Reserves



Wind Energy

Solar Energy

Solar cell

Stirling engine




Hydrogen is mostly Hype, but here are some semi-practical applications: Hydrogen-Electrolosys Fireplace -

Requires 220vac @ 60A = 13kW and 1/2 Gallon per hour.
Produces 31,000 btu/hour of heat.


Energy Effeciency

  • Japan Squeezes to Get the Most of Costly Fuel - [10]

Charge Safety

  • Overcharging Hydrogen venting issues [11]

Performance Accelleration

SUV Bashing

Online Vehicle Communities

Unorganized Links

More Rambling