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The Help:Contents page has information that we hope you will find helpful while interacting with this website. You will also find a general description of the interface, content, and how to contribute your own ideas, thoughts, and knowledge. Maybe you were looking for EV related help. You can also Post any comments, questions, or suggestions you may have, or View Comments on the Talk:Main Page.

You can email to webmaster(at)seattleeva(dot)org with the subject of SEVA Wiki Help with any questions you may have. You will also find contact information for Ryan at User:Rjf#Contact and even more on the Members page.

Sitemap - Main Menu

The main menu is nested, so the 'Bold main headings will expand when you visit them. This allows us to pack more links into the menu and should help prevent visitors from getting lost.

  • Main Page - Takes you to the top of the website, just like the logo.
    • Community - Links to other popular EV communities.
    • EAA Chapters - Links to all the other EAA chapter websites.
    • Donations - no page here
    • Help - {=-- You Are Here --=}
  • About SEVA - Is actually the Considerations page.
    • History - SEVA History page and links to EV history resources.
    • Mission - SEVA Mission is to Educate, Demonstrate, and Proliferate Electric Vehicles.
    • News - SEVA news may be outdated, might merge with current events.
    • Members - SEVA members, their roles, and contact information.
    • Current events - Upcoming and archived EVents in our area.
    • Meetings Minutes - Summary of our meetings, directions to the meeting.
    • Local Resources - List of local EV resources, dealers, parts, service.
    • Local Charging - Local places to charge your EV.
    • Photo Albums - Our Photo Albums.
  • Vehicles - no page here - Focus on various vehicles.
  • Fuels - no page here - A new area for various fuel resources.
    • Wind - The only fuel resource page so far.
  • Maillist - This is a special area, you can read and join the list from here.

What is all this Wiki stuff?

Here's a walk through of everything that you see on this and other pages at this site.

At the top and to the right side are functions for logging in, user preferences, watchlist, and a personal user page and user:talk page. If you are not logged in you will see a Create an account or log in link. Below but to the left side are links to the article and it's talk page, as well as edit, history and other functions if you're logged in. These are both mostly wiki things for contributing to this site, if that's not what you're doing then you can just ignore them for now.

The left side begins at the top with our logo, clicking on it takes you back to the beginning of the site. Below it are the navigation links to the main pages at our site, which will be describe in the next section. Below that is the search function, useful for finding things. The toolbox is the last item on the page it has links to things like Recent changes, which pages link to the current page, and other special things. At the very bottom you'll find information that pertain to this website.

EV related help from SEVA members

You can contact Members of SEVA for help, so we should probably spruce up the members page with our various areas of expertise. The Community page has links to many other online communities such as the EVDL ( Electric Vehicle Discussion List ) which is a great online maillist resource going back to 1991 with many active posters and even more subscribers who just listen and learn.

How do I use the Wiki Website

First you should create an account and login. This way you'll see all the functions that we're going to learn about instead of just a few of them. The Wiki-markup language is pretty easy and powerful and looks good as plain text unlike that scary html stuff that requires a special webpage editing program. If your curious you can find a page with some format you want to use, like an image or bullet points, and click edit, then click show preview and you'll see the page, and below it the raw un-wikified source for that page, which you can edit and preview again. Most of the basic editing functions are on a toolbar at the top of the edit box. They include some of these functions: You can usually hover the mouse over buttons in the blue tool bar to see what they do.

  • ''' Bold text ''' - three quotes ' around some text to make it bold.
  • '' Italic text '' - two quotes '' around text for italic.
  • [[Main Page]] appears as Main Page - This is an internal link to another article at this site, it's red if the page doesn't exist yet.
    • You can first add a new link on an existing page, and then follow that link to edit the new page for the first time.
  • [ link title] appears as link title - This is an external link, they have a little arrow and box icon.
  • ==Major Headline== - two equals = around some text makes it a Major Headline.
    • ===Sub Header=== - three equals = around some text makes is a sub Headline, add more ='s for more depth, these the Table of Contents.
  • *'s and #'s are used to create bullet and numbered lists, like this bullet list you're reading.
  •  :'s can be used to simply indent some text, like the *'s and #'s use more :: or ::: etc, to indent further.
  • [[Image:Example.jpg]] - Show an image, or link to a files description page.
  • [[Media:Example.mp3]] - Link directly to the file instead of it's description page.
    • You need to be logged in if you wish to upload images or other types of files. Images can be easily resized, captioned, or shown in a gallery by the server. Simply add as many or few attributes as you need to the end of the [[Image:Example.jpg|thumb|200px|left|This is the caption]]</wiki> like so, take a look at other images on the site or the additional help in the next section for more help. * <nowiki><math>Insert formula here</math>
  • <nowiki> </nowiki> - Ignores wiki formatting.
  • <html></html> - html tags can be used to add any raw html syntax you like that doesn't have wiki-markup.
  • --~~~~ - Use the Signature button for signing discussion on :Talk pages, signatures look like. --Rjf 01:42, 24 Aug 2005 (CDT)
  • ---- - This produces a horizontal bar, like the one below.

Remember to "Show preview" your changes to make sure they look like you expect them to before you "Save page".

Advanced Wiki Website Help

Until I get around to adding more here you can get advanced help at the WikiPedia:Help:Contents page, keep in mind that the Wikipedia Help is extensive as this external site is an encyclopedia.