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Electric motor

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DC Motors

Another thing to pay attention too is the motor specs. Many times you can use a motor for WAY over it's rated specs. Motor manufacturers will often sell the EXACT same motor to two different companies with two different labels stating different specs. If a company comes along and needs a motor and they already have one that will work in that application, they will simply relabel the existing motor rather than design a new one.

Take for example this 2hp 9" GE motor selling for $200 at Surplus Center:

This looks to me like GE took one of their nominal 96V 10hp motors and slapped a 24V 2hp label on it. Take particular note of the 1050RPM rating, this motor can easily handle 4 or 5 times this much. This is a huge motor, I think this is similar to the GE motor that many of the drag racers like to use. It's even bigger than the GE motor in my pickup.

AC Motors

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