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News Archives

November meeting

First: Lets all make the November 9th meeting. (same place same time) and REMEMBER Bring your digital PICTURES if you want to be in the 2005 SEVA Calendar..

Second: Wonderful NEWS from Jim Johnson and MC Electric. They have a wonderful EV Car Display at the Seattle International Car Show (Thru Sunday Nov. 7th..) with help from Dinasty ( Vancouver BC ) and the IT cars... I have volunteered to help man (person) the booth Friday evening and Saturday.. Meeting lots of interested people...

Third: Jim has informed me that METRO (with some coaching from Jim and friends at Metro ) at their New Park -n-Ride at Eastgate, has PUBLIC EV CHARGING STATIONS for THREE EVs in the PARKING LOT !!!!! This is VERY great news, for it opens the doors for all kinds of folks to Drive-Park-N-Ride their EVs and use Transit !!! We all hope that this TREND continues to other Park-n-Ride lots.

Forth: "Neon" Gouch's son - Phillip, has completed his Sr. High School Project of re-designing our SEVA Web Site, and invites you ALL to view it at:

And invites your comments and suggestions.

Here is a SHORT LIST of some of the Folks I had the pleasure of meeting Friday Evening:

John Kinudson (sp) curator/caretaker at the LaMay Auto Musium, (Tacoma WA. and their beautiful Baker Electric) Cam Dowall, General Manager of Dynasty Electric Car Corp. BC Cananda Michael Rech - Allstate Insurance Agent eager to insure EV's Dennis Murphy - Industrial/automotive Teacher, Renton High School

PS: There is an UP-Comming Public Meeting on future Park-n-Ride lots, which it might serve us well to ATTEND to put our $1.29 cents in to push for MORE EV charging sights !! Here is the "Heads-UP" which Jim Johnson sent me...

" You already have seen the announcement--Sound Transit is holding a public meeting next wed 11/10/04 at Bellevue City Hall , council chambers for input on the new and additions to park and rides at Mercer Island, Issaquah and Woodinville. Do you plan to attend and any suggestions for us? It certainly would be nice for them to continue adding the Electric Vehicle parking spots with charge stations like they did at Eastgate!! Thanks Jim "

Greenlake Green Day

Invitation to "Greenlake Green Day" Sunday Sept. 12th 10 am to 4 pm SEVA has been invited to participate in this EVent and Alt.Fuel event sponsored by Billings Middle School. The first contact was several weeks ago and the FEES $ $ $ were too high for me to consider it. ( 50$ a car + $100 for a booth) Not to mention we had all been in 3 EVents this year already. But YESTERDAY they called back and are ready to negotiate. Below is her message.

I'm glad we got to touch base today to talk about the alternative fuel vehicle show at Green Lake Green Day. We are very excited about promoting "green" vehicles and hope that your organization can be a part of the event.

Currently the fee for participating in the alternative fuel vehicle show is $50 per parking space for exhibiting vehicles and information. Additionally, booth spaces are available for organizations to promote their programs, resources, and services. The fees cover our expenses for permits and insurance. Please let us know what seems reasonable for your organization-- it is very important to us that we have as much local representation as possible.

I have enclosed some additional information about Green Lake Green Day. Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas and thanks so much for helping us to get the word out!

Have a great day,

Meghan McDermott Billings Middle School 206-547-4614

So ! Can we get some feed back. Should we pursue this ? Can two or three of us Attend ??

Gasless on Greenwood

Gasless on Greenwood a BIG success !! As most of you know by now, our big Summer Time EV-ent was to piggy back on the back of the Greenwood Neighborhood Hot Rod Street Show, which brings in THOUSANDS each year.

Its hard to put in to words. I am sure John Wayland will do better. ( I think he should take a crack at being a writer )

But suffice to say, How can it get any better, than having 10s of thousands of people walk by our space of 14 electric's and Hybrids, and take interest, and watch the "White Zombie" pull a 101 mph in under 13 seconds over and over again, out of the back of Ryan Fulchers Insight.

I had purchased aprox 250 leaflets/handouts, and I only have a hand full left. THAT is another indicator.

I want to personally thank: John W. for coming all that way, and The Gone-Postal crew, Father Time, Rich Rudmand, and crew. Dave Cloud, Ryan Fulcher, Goeff Shephard, John Marshall, and Jamie Marshall and Steve Bernheim, for their Two beautiful Yellow Sparrows, as book ends to our exhibit. John Frost, and Don Meyer, for bringing his red 914. Jim Johnson and Mark Jacobson, with FOOT IN CAST for bringing "IT" Kent Bakke for his VW Beetle EV, Roy Lemure, and Dave Barden, who's Honda 600 EV was not done in time, but who came and took many fine photos and last but NOT least, my Wife Donna, for letting us crash our back yard, for an impromptu barbecue after the EVent.. which was attended by everyone who did not have to get on the road for home right after the EVent...

Now I might have to get some help to co-ordinate getting pictures on the web site, in Thumb Nails, and then full picture back-ups (Not sure how to do that....)

PS: It was regrettable that Rick Woodberry and the "Tango" could not be there, but I understand from close friends, that there was a death in the family, and our hearts and thoughts go out to him and his family....

New EV Dealer in Town

New EV Dealer in Town - and a VERY important Conference

Dateline Seattle Friday Evening May 14th 2004

Hay Folks:

Please excuse the tardiness of this news, but it has been a busyWeek. But let me go back to Friday evening. As you know from our

Monthly meeting, I mentioned Arne Thompson, and his new business On Lake Union… The Electric Boat Company. Well, he was kind

Enough to invite me to the Gala Opening Reception at his shop which Sits right under TGIFridays, on the south east shores of Lake Union.

And what a party it was !! He has 4 of the beautiful Duffy Electric BoatsIn stock, and was giving rides in the warm evening air round Lake Union.

They are DC powered, using Advanced DC motors, belt driving theProp shafts, and electronic speed controls. Real class act. His shop is

Filled with cool T-shirts, and various stuff relating to the boats which Are for sale and for RENT !!

Arny even suggested holding the June 8th meeting at his shop !! How aboutTHAT ! But his friends, family and acquaintances were almost as

Impressive as the products. Met one of the head EE engineers on the 7E7 program at Boeing. And NOT surprising he is in to Electric Cars, and

knows the folks up at VEVA in Vancouver. Met Fred Felleman of Wildlife and Visual Enterprises, who in turn knew Doug Howell, who

got us into the Transportation and Climate Conference at near half price.


Dateline Seattle Center 8 a.m. til 6 p m May 18th, 2004

Now the Conference !!! Tuesday May 18th, Wow !! There is not enough time to go into everything But lets just run down the list of speakers, and I think you will get the IDEA.Peter Hurley – Transportation Choices Coalition Denis Hayes, first EARTH DAYFounder, and Bullitt Foundation Member Richard Gammon, UofW Climate and Environment Michael Scott Pacific NW National Labs. Pete Knutson, Salmon Commissioner. Harold Taniguchi, Director King Co Dept. of Transportation Alan Durning, NWEnvironment Watch Grace Crunican, Director Seattle Dept Of Transportation, Ben Knight, VW Honda Motor Cars Advanced Vehicles

The Honorable Ron Sims introducing Governor of Maryland Parris Glendening(famous for his ground breaking work in Growth Management. )

Dennis McLearran, exec. Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, and Roland Hwang, Sr.Policy Analysis for the NRDC, and knows ALL about California and GM, and

the ZEV initiative stuff. Then DJ Dave Ross, ( a Prius owner ) introduced our Own Washington State, Sen. Jeanne Wells, Rep. Toby Nixon, Rep Ed Murray,

Rep Fred Jarrett, and Sen. Karen Fraser.. ALL OF THESE FOLKS working in Transportation and air Pollution, and global warming stuff. And on and on

And on and on… Gave out ALL my SEVA business cards, and spoke every chance I got, for EVs and Plug IN Hybrids, and HOV Lane Privileges, etc. etc.

I think Alastar Dodwell and I got our $50. worth…..

Apollo Energy Project


Dateline: Seattle 4/13/04 Steven S. Lough - SEVA Pres. Reporting

Report on my trip to the Federal Building all day Tuesday to attend a seminar on the "NEW APOLLO ENERGY PROJECT" Sponsored in part by Congressman Jay Inslee of Washington, and a list of visionaries and political types too long to mention. Such as Senator Maria Cantwell, and Sid Morrison - Secretary of Transportation and former congressman. Philip Mote, State of Washington's State Climatologist, and graduate PhD. in Atmospheric Science Harvard.

All of this an more was aimed at creating an "Apollo" size federal program to pull us back from the brink of an energy catastrophe over foreign oil consumption and global warming AT THE SAME TIME creating hundreds of thousands of NEW high Paying Jobs in the environmental sector.... i.e. wind generation, solar, High Teck HVAC, Alt Fuel cars, etc. and to make Washington State the beginning or as they put it the "Cape Canaveral" of the New Apollo" project. Check it out at:

Transportation and Climate Change Conference 2004


May 18, 2004 8:30am - 6:00pm Seattle Center, Northwest Rooms in Seattle, Washington. Sponsored by City of Seattle, Climate Solutions, Department of Ecology, Feet First, King County, League of Women Voters, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, Puget Sound Regional Council, Sierra Club, Sound Transit, Transportation Choices Coalition, U.S. Department of Energy, and Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility. A website will be available soon with additional information and on-line registration. The Coalition can be contacted at: PSCCC 618 Second Avenue, Suite 1200 Seattle, Washington 98104 (206) 684-0935 linda.graham(at)

Can Corbin be revived

Can Corbin be revived? by Paul Williams A Canadian company is confident it will build the Corbin Merlin Roadster and Sparrow three-wheeled microcars, despite the bankruptcy of California-based Corbin Motors.


Washington State NEV Legislation

Washington State ON ITS WAY to pass NEV Legislation From: "Linda Graham" <Linda.Graham(at)>

March 13, 2003


The Washington State House of Representatives today passed ESHB 1438 by a vote of 96 to 0. This means that the licensing of neighborhood electric vehicles for use on public roads is one step closer to reality - but the legislation has NOT yet become law.

The Senate is expected to vote on a companion bill, SB5450, in the next few days. Any differences in the two bills will then have to be reconciled. The final version will then go to the Governor for signature.

Thank you to all who have been involved with this legislation. We look forward to continuing to work with you through the final stages and moving the legislation on to the Governor's desk.

Linda J. Graham, Director Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition 618 2nd Avenue, Suite 1200 Seattle, Washington 98104 (206) 684-0935 cell (206) 310-4683 fax (206) 684-0656 linda.graham(at)

Carb Meetings Postpond

Carb Meetings Postpond Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 22:43:54 -0800 From: Greg Hanssen <greg(at)> To: greg(at)

Hello PEVDC members, I thought I'd have more news for you this weekend but to our surprise the Air Resources Board decided last week that the big Feb 27th hearing would be postponed to March 27th. The updated staff proposal we expected on Friday is now not due for another 2 weeks.

This delay gives us more time to work with staff and lobby the board members themselves.. It also gives the auto industry the same extra time. It sounds like the staff has been unable to come up with a reasonable compromise between the auto makers (Don't change the rules on how we use banked ZEV credits.. we earned 'em, we don't have to do squat for another 6 to 8 years) and the Enviros, Utilities, PEVDC and many board members themselves (We don't want a ZEV blackout with no availability!!!).

Hopefully a workable compromise can be reached without more litigation. We're pressing for reasonable ZEV production for the second half of this decade.. in the high hundreds or low thousands of vehicles/year with the volume steadily growing. If the Board doesn't deal with the huge numbers of existing banked ZEV credits, many auto makers may not have to do anything for 6 to 8 years. Then they'll be faced with a huge requirement in 2009 or 2010 which would certainly bring on more lawsuits.

We need to have a gradual but steady availability in order to build this market and provide a safety net in case fuel cells don't become marketable by the next decade. We're also working to level the playing field between fuel cells and batteries (right now CARB has many special incentives for fuel cells that don't exist for BEVs). And lastly we will strive to see if there is anything that can be done to get EV1s, EV+s and other soon to be retired EVs back on the roads. It is unlikely there will be anything else available before 2005 (at best).

I still encourage as many of you as possible to make it to Sacramento for March 27th (Thursday). There *IS* power in numbers and unlike previous workshops with staff, this is the real deal in front of the Board members themselves.. the people who ultimately will decide the fate of the ZEV program. Except for Dr. Lloyd, all of the board members are part time... they only go to Sacramento once a month for hearings. Many of the board members are sympathetic to our situation and do NOT want to see the ZEV program collapse for the majority of this decade. Most of them realize that it will be nearly impossible to restart in the next decade unless many fuel cell hurdles are overcome very soon (unlikely!). We need to keep the pressure on for battery technology now, not fuel cells later. Full function EVs, City EVs and plug in hybrid EVs are all technologies that need to be given a fair market shot in THIS decade.

I'll have more for you all when we get it from staff in two weeks.

-- Greg Hanssen, co-chairman PEVDC

Early EV bicycles and other historical articles on the development of roads etc.

Wire Magazine Autotopia 2.0

EVDL EV History Links

This post to the EV Discussion List has a lot of good links to ev-history..... Subject: Tropica = Zebra = Xebra : one sexy EV Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 23:33:17 -0700 (PDT) From: Bruce EVangel Parmenter <brucedp -at- 150m -dot- com> To: ev(at)

Say Bruce, What kind of car is it that Caitlin Cross drives on Nash Bridges ???? [We] looked everywhere for it and could not get any info.... Thanks - Tom,

the car that the character Caitlin Cross (played by Yasmine Bleeth) drove in Nash Bridges' re-runs was an Electric Vehicle (EV).

Originally it was called the Tropica by Renaissance Motors founded by Bob Beaumont (See Scott C. Kennedy's Tropica )

Renaissance Motors went into receivership and was bought out by a group of it's shareholders who are tried to manufacture the car under the name Zebra Motors

Until the company was sold and renamed to Xebra Motors to a group of investors including Nash Bridges' Don Johnson which is how an Electric Car finally made it to TV.

The Xebra that Yasmine drove was maintaned by Clare Bell who worked at the time for GreenMotor Works out of Calstart's Hangar 20 located at the old Alameda NAS

The Nash Bridges TV show faired much better and longer than Xebra Motors

Xebra investors never spent the money to kept its EV design up to date and no money was spent to put the EV into production for the public to buy. The Xebra web site looked like someone threw it up after a few drinks (quick and dirty). Once and a while a Xebra was towed out to show it off and gain investor PR, but not much more.

The TV show ended, Xebra faded away, and the web site domain was dropped

EV people felt a great loss of this sexy body design. With its sweet lines, it is a classic sought after.

The most recent one sold was right here in the SF Bay area from one of the investors who took a bath and only got one of the vehicles as a cash out.

He waited too long and recently sold it for a only a few thousand. The new owner is enjoying restoring it working to get it back on the road.

Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition


From the Desk of Linda Graham: Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition A message from the 'pscleancity' discussion list


A Federal District Court Judge has found that many U.S. government agencies are failing to comply with the alternative fuel vehicle provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct). The ruling is the result of a lawsuit brought by Earthjustice on behalf of the Center for Biological Diversity, Bluewater Network, and the Sierra Club.

The Court found that all defendant agencies violated the alternative fuel vehicle acquisition requirements of EPAct in at least some of the years since its enactment. The Energy Policy Act was designed to reduce American dependence on imported petroleum. As of 1999, the Act requires at least 75% of light duty vehicles acquired each year by all federal agencies with light duty fleet vehicles in major metropolitan areas to be alternative fuel vehicles. According to Court records, 15 federal agencies were found to have missed the requirements by at least 13,000 vehicles as of last year.

The Court also found that the agencies did not fully meet a requirement to produce annual compliance reports and violated a requirement to disclose such reports to the public.

Despite finding the violations, the Court refused to establish a timetable for compliance with the vehicle acquisition requirements. But the agencies were ordered to prepare all overdue reports by November 26, 2002, and make these reports available to the public over the internet by January 31, 2003. These compliance reports must not only admit to prior failings, but must also include a specific plan and timeline by which the agency will come into compliance with the law.

The agencies covered by this ruling include: Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, General Services Administration, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice, Labor, State, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NASA, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Court also addressed another provision of the Energy Policy Act. The Energy Policy Act provides the Department of Energy with the authority to implement regulations which would extend the alternative fuel vehicle acquisition requirements to private and municipal fleets in major metropolitan areas. Despite years of consideration and public process, the department has failed to implement such regulations. The Court has ordered both sides in the lawsuit to provide further briefing on how long the court should give the Department of Energy to take action on the overdue regulation.

It is not known at this time whether there will be any appeals of the decision. The Department of Energy has not released any comment on the decision.

EV Pioneer Passes

EV Pioneer Passes: Bob Wing will be greatly missed.... Dateline 3/17/02 From: Bruce EVangel Parmenter <brucedp(at)> ---[edited] Don McGrath vintnerdon(at) NBEAA:


Bob Wing, a true EV pioneer, passed away Sunday morning, March 17 2002, at his home in Inverness, California.

Bob has served the EV cause and the EV community for many years, dating back to the early 1970's.

He was a hobbyist, a media correspondent, and an EV consultant, and after his retirement from his job as an executive at Stanford Research Institute, devoted much of his time to his consuming passion, electric vehicles and the environment.

In 1979 the Wings moved to Oregon, where Bob continued his crusade. He organized the Salem, OR chapter of EAA and later founded additional chapters in Portland, Albany-Corvallis, and Medford. In 1982 the Wings returned to California, settling in Inverness, CA , at the Point Reyes National Seashore and adjacent to Tomales Bay State Park. They returned to California with three EVs. Bob established the North Bay Chapter of the EAA, in which he was active for many years. The MGA was again displayed at the Silicon Valley EAA '96 Rally at Stanford University, where it garnered the award of "Best Classic Car." As a media correspondent, Bob attended many EV Conferences, including various EVS (International Electric Vehicle Symposium) meetings, and wrote many articles for journals such as EV News, Current EVents, and Electrifying Times. Bob was a fine gentleman, and his leadership, dedication, and conviction was an inspiration to all who knew him.

Bob is survived by his wife, Margot. Condolences may be addressed to her at P.O. Box 277, CA 94937-0277.

Boyond FF

Dateline Seattle 9;00 pm, Jan 15th 2002 BEYOND FOSSIL FUELS Sponsored in part by: The Sierra Club, and REI Guest Speakers: Mayor Greg Nickols Ariana. J. Silverman, Program Assistant, Global warming , Washington DC office of the Sierra Club

Not bad ! Not bad.... The room they had was crowded to beyond capacity. The main speaker, Ariana J. Silverman from the Wa. D.C. head office of the Sierra Club, (ariana.silverman(at) spoke eloquently of the importance and consequences of global warming, and how WE in the west are contributing to it BEYOND OUR SHARE, and SUV's and CAFE fuel rules, and what we could do about it... i.e. choices, the cars we buy, alternatives, bicycles, mass-transit, fluorescent lighting, etc. She had a great quote... The difference in fuel efficiency between an SUV getting 16 mpg, and a vehicle getting 40+ mpg (which they advocate) is like leaving your refrigerator door open for 30 YEARS !!

I was able to get a question off to Mayor Nickols..." What INCREASES in Alt.Fuel Vehicles does he see during his administration"

Several SEVA members showed up: Father Time (Crabtree) John (VW Pickup) and Tony Licuanan who informed us that he is SOON to take delivery of his very OWN Sparrow !! That makes THREE in the club !! Wow...

Do you folks remember Sam Vanderhoof, formerly of TRACE Engineering ?? He got my e-mail and just happened to be in Seattle last night, and showed up too, with several of his solar power friends.

It was very much 'Preaching to the quire' but the Networking is important. Looks like we will now be on the Sierra Club e-mail list, and may make a presentation on EVs at one of their up-comming general Seattle area meetings.

Below is an IMPORTANT message from Linda Graham at PSCCC (who was there last night) to do with two bills up for vote in Olympia. If any one can respond, either in person or by e-mail to their state rep. it would all help:

(PS.... I am not sure cutting and pasting an e-mail as I have done below, will bring along with it the attached Word files on the two bills in question. Some one please let me know if they are included or NOT, and I can attach them manually or send them as text )

Subject: important legislative information Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 17:40:26 -0800 From: "Linda Graham" <Linda.Graham(at)>

A hearing has been scheduled on two important alternative fuel vehicle bills in Washington State. The date is Thursday, January 24th at 8am. The hearing will likely take place in the Cherberg Building at the State

Capitol complex in Olympia. The hearing is before the Environment, Energy and Water Committee.

The Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition has proposed two bills: SB6285 - provides incentives for the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles and the development of alternative fuel infrastructure. SB6284 - provides for the licensing of neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) for on-road use.

The Coalition's voice alone is not enough to ensure passage of this legislation. Legislators need to hear from others as well, including individual members of the Coalition. Even if you do not speak at the hearing, your attendance and signing-in as being in favor of the bills is important. If you will be attending, please let me know, particularly if you are planning to speak, as we need to coordinate testimony.

Comments can also be submitted in writing. Information on who to contact (the committee members) is provided below. Due to the short session, letters need to be sent soon. If you need assistance in drafting an appropriate letter, please let me know.

Attached are information sheets on each of the bills. I can provide copies of the bills by request or they can be found at: Simply type in the number of the bill. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

More information on the SB6284, the neighborhood electric vehicle bill: This bill, if it passes the Environment Committee, will also go to the Transportation Committee. Efforts need to be made to ensure the bill receives a hearing in that committee. This needs to happen soon, as this is a short session. The chair of this committee is Mary Margaret Haugen who should be contacted to request a hearing should the bill go to her committee. Don Benton is ranking minority. It would be a good idea to contact him as well. I can help draft a letter for you if needed.

Senate sponsors of SB6284: Prime is Ken Jacobsen, others are Jim Horn, Adam Kline, Debbie Regala, Marilyn Rasmussen, Mary Margaret Haugen, Don Carlson, Karen Fraser, Jeanne Kohl-Wells, Tracey Edie and Pat Thibaudeau.

Senate sponsors of SB6285: Prime is Debbie Regala, others are Jim Horn,

Adam Kline, Ken Jacobsen, Don Carlson, Marilyn Rasmussen, Karen Fraser, Jeanne Kohl-Wells, Tracey Eide, Pat Thibaudeau and Darlene Fairley.

All members of the Senate Environment, Energy and Water Committee and their addresses can be found at: You may wish to send letters to all members of the committee who are not

sponsors of the bill.

Members and addresses of the Transportation Committee can be found at:

You can get addresses and all for sponsors and any other members at:

Do not hesitate to call with questions, etc.

Please note that the hearing next week is not the end of the process. I

will be in touch with additional information as it becomes relevant and necessary for us to take action.

Linda J. Graham, Coordinator Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition