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EVents/2006 10 01

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Sustainable Ballard Festival

Sunday, October 1st. Several SEVA folks will participate, and Steve Lough will be giving a TALK on EVs and Plug-In-Hybrids at 11:50 am in the TRANSPORTATION TENT. Check out their site at:

Hello T Guild, Great meeting tonight. We organized our piece of the SB Fest on the spot with the help of WI FI.

Please check out this SB wiki link to see who is participating (and responsible for contacting participants) at the Oct 1 Ballard Sustainability Festival ..... in regards to TRANSPORTATION. If you have questions or can think of others we might want to contact, please email both Aaron Kahn and me, Vic Opperman. We will be in touch soon. Thanks! Vic

per SEVA_Maillist:2006./8./4

Vic:   We like very much what you folks are doing.  Pencil us IN for October 1st.
Too early to confirm who will be there and what we can do.   I am always ready to
Grab a Micraphone and start to EVangelize... Im sure we can come up with at least
two or three good EV Examples... Keep in touch.   And we will do the same...

Vic Opperman wrote:
> Subject: Sustainable Ballard Festival Oct 1, 2006, 10 to 5pm,
> Ballard Commons, Rain or Shine!
> Aug 2, 2006
> Dear Steve,
> Sustainable Ballard wants to include SEVA in our
> upcoming Ballard Sustainability Festival, Oct 1, 2006, 10 – 5pm.  How
> would you like to be involved??  We are still
> in the planning stages of this fair.  Please feel free to call me if you
> would like any further information or have questions.  There are many
> different opportunities to participate and we can create some new ones.
> Always, thanks for the great work SEVA
> is doing for our community!  Call me!
> Best,  Vic Opperman
> Sustainable Ballard:  A Blueprint for EveryTown USA
> Co-Founder, President
> 206.789.7646
> If you would like to help by sponsoring, sponsorship information is below.
>  Thanks!
> Thanks for considering sponsorship of this year's Sustainability
> Festival. This year the festival is going to be a bigger, really fun
> and lively affair.  We will be in the new Ballard Commons Park by the
> library and will have many tents going with hands-on workshops, demos
> and displays.
> And music! and color!  I am attaching the sponsorship form for this
> year so you have an idea of our levels and hopefully you can pitch in
> again.  We will be doing a lot more advertising this year and we would love
> to get your name associated with it as soon as possible.  Should you be
> considering the $250 or $1000 level, you would get the most bang for
> your buck if you could let us know by Aug. 15th.
> I have attached the sponsorship form as a pdf  (if you would prefer a
> word doc, please let me know). Let me give you a little bit more detail
> about each of the sponsorship levels.
> For $1000:
> --Your logo will be featured on the festival poster that will be displayed
> around town starting approximately 6 weeks prior to the festival.
> (deadline August 15)
> --Your logo will be featured in a sponsor bar at the bottom of the front
> page, and you
> will have a 2" x 2" ad space, in our 8 page festival program to be
> distributed 3-4 weeks prior to the festival.  These programs will be
> distributed to waiting rooms,
> checkout counters and news racks at sustainable and supportive businesses
> like yours.  We are also negotiating with the Ballard News Tribune to
> include this program as an insert in their Sept. 27th issue. (deadline
> August 15)
> --Your name and/or logo (and only yours) will be highlighted on one of the
> attractive & colorful activity tent banners at the festival.  (deadline
> Sept 25)
> --Your name or logo will be included in a sponsor bar in any
> advertisements we run in local papers or magazines. (deadline Sept 4)
> --Your logo will be featured on our festival website page. (anytime)
> --We would be happy to make your business flyer, postcard or business
> cards available in our display racks located by the information tables.
> For $250:
> --Your name and a tagline will be included in our 8 page festival program
> to be distributed 3-4 weeks prior to the festival. (See more about the
> festival program above).
> (deadline August 15)
> --Your logo will be posted on a festival supporters display at the bike
> racks which will be located near the entrance to the festival. (deadline
> Sept 24)
> --Your name and tagline will be featured on our festival website page.
> (anytime)
> --We would be happy to make your business flyer, postcard or business
> cards available in our display racks located by the information tables.
> For $100:
> --Your name will be listed as a sponsor on the festival program insert for
> distribution the day of the festival. (deadline Sept 24)
> --Your logo will be sported on colorful 8" x 10" flags attached to
> clotheslines and hung festively around the park. (deadline Sept 17)
> --Your name will be listed on our festival website page. (anytime)
> --We would be happy to make your business flyer, postcard or business
> cards available in our display racks located by the information tables.
> We appreciate your continued support!  Together we are all founders in
> creating sustainability!    Thanks,  Vic at Sustainable Ballard 

Cancer Walk Report

per SEVA_Maillist:2006./10./26

Dave & Deb wrote:
Sunday Oct 1, Magnuson Park,

I got there at about 6:40am after an uneventful 6.2 mile drive.

2hours later the Honda was charged up and on the way to it's station about mid
course of the 5K Walk/Run.  I drove up and down the paved portion for about 6.6
miles total without running over or gassing any of the walkers.  I think it went
pretty well.  Being busy driving and avoiding running anyone over I didn't get
much chance to evangelize or hand out fliers.  but I had some plastered to the car
and under the windshield. About half of them dissappeared, hopefully into the
hands of receptive souls.

Back in the hanger for another 2hour charge before heading home.  Two kinda sour
notes to end the day.  First this event drew probably 2-3 thousand people. 
Judging by the literature that was THROWN AWAY, NOT RECYCLED it looks like they
planned for 5 times that many.  A dozen upopened boxes of probably 500-1000 60
page magazines were just tossed into the dumpster.  There was no attempt to
recycle anything.  I was outraged by that and still am.  ;^(   given that we
residents are fined for having any recyclable scrap in our garbage.  I think
there's some call(s)to the city/county/organizers in my future.

The second sour note happened just as I was about to unplug and head home, would
that I would've closed my book 2 minutes sooner.  A high spirited 10 year old kid
slammed into the Honda with a HomeDepot style flatbed pushcart.  Gave me a nasty
jolt as I was facing the other way and didn't see it coming. Fortunately the dent
being smooth and not a crease was easily pushed out with my hand.   I missed a
good educational opportunity with the kid though.  I should've had him push the
dent out.  He would've remembered both the consequences of his reckless actions a
little longer and perhaps learned something usefull early in his life...  oh well
there's next year perhaps ... but god spare me the 10yr olds!

> Steven Lough wrote:
> Thanks to Dave Barden ( again ) for volunteering to drive a camera man
> up and down the Burke - Gilman Trail in his Electric Honda 600 to film
> and to take pictures of the walk-a-thon-ers for Cancer.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> And here is a "Thanks" from Sustainable Ballard, and a Radio Interview
> comming up at 6-6:30 today ( Thursday 10/15/06 on KBCS 91.3 FM --------
> > Hello Neighbors-
> >
> > Sustainable Ballard is sending out this special announcement to
> > encourage you all to listen to KBCS 91.3FM's "One World Report"
> > tomorrow, Thursday, October 5th from 6:30-7:00 pm. Our Sustainability
> > Festival was incredible with an estimated 5,000 Fest Goers! The
> > volunteer KBCS Community Journalists and Producers were there and
> > interviewed several of you about your experience. We are thrilled to
> > have this partnership with KBCS to help spread the word about
> > sustainability and the Ballard community. Please listen tomorrow to KBCS
> > 91.3 at 6:30 pm, forward this message on, and tell all your friends and
> > family!


Photos by Dave & Deb Barden from the Oct 01, 2006 Sustainable Ballard Festival & Cancer Walk at the Burke Gilman Trail in his Electric Honda 600.