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EVents/2009 06 03

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Kenmore Jr. High School

Kenmore Jr. High School has invited us back for another EV Car Show and Lecture.

June 3rd, Wednesday Evening, 7 pm till?
This was a great EVENT last year, with a good MIX of Adult parents, and kids.
Please let us know if you would like to participate.
We will have to make arrangements before the June 9th SEVA meeting of course.
Kenmore Junior High
20323 66th Avenue NE
Kenmore, WA 98028-2099
(425) 408-6400

Driving Directions

Coming North or South on I-405:

  • Take Exit 23 (SR 522 Westbound to Bothell)
  • Follow SR 522/Bothell Way through Bothell to Kenmore
  • Turn Right onto 73rd Avenue N.E.
  • Continue through about two miles to a 4-way stop sign (66 Avenue N.E. or Carter Road)
  • Turn Left at stop sign
  • Kenmore Junior High will be on your right, after approximately one block

Coming from Lake City/Bothell Way:

  • Traveling East on Lake City Way, Lake City Way will become Bothell Way N.E.
  • Proceed through Lake City and Lake Forest Park to Kenmore
  • Turn Left onto 73rd Avenue N.E.
  • Continue approximately two miles to a 4-way stop sign (66th Avenue N.E. or Carter Road)
  • Turn Left at the stop sign
  • Kenmore Junior High will be on your right, after approximately one block

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