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To see how others have done these conversions, consider the LINKS below (hours of good reading in a blow by blow, page by page, day by day discription of their work. )

The EV Discussin List PHOTO Album is the NET's largest collection of EV pictures.

Converting a 1996 Saturn (, By Ken Norwick - of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Over 200 pages describing a complete electric vehicle conversion project. Hundreds of images document the process in complete detail. This site receives visitors from between 8 to 16 time zones per day. The largest personal EV Conversion Diary on the Internet today.

So you want to Build an Electric Car ( By Mike Chancey /

Jerry Halstead's conversions(

Electro-Automotive's web site and price information (

My Electric MGB Project (

Yve's EV Calculator WEB SITE ( with charts and graphs on Dozens of the most commonly used EV batteries and EV motors . Also a fantastic EV Calculator program, where you can punch in the type of car, motor, batteries, operating parameters and get a feeling for performance and range expectations.

A Sample Conversions IN GENERAL Any small car can be converted recycled to electric drive. Essentially all the complex systems such as the "exhaust system", "cooling system", "fuel delivery system", and motor are replaced with the following. An advanced DC electric motor connected to the existing standard transmission via an adapter plate. Motor $145O. Adapter Plate $500

Electronic transistorized controller, (Like a giant light dimmer) controls your power and speed. By Curtis-PMC $800

Battery charger, fully automatic. Plug it in and walk away for days without harm to the batteries.$400.

Batteries, 10 - 12 volt, 0r 20 - 6 volt, deep cycle lead acid totaling 120 volts. Choice is one of maximum acceleration or maximum range. $950

On/Off power relays, h.d. fusses, h.d. connectors, battery cables, volt meter (measures pressure) and a ammeter (to measure to flow or use of the electricity) $900.

Total hardware $5,000Assembly labor (approximately 200 hours) $2,900.

Approximate grand total $7,900

Variables exist from car to car as to total labor. There are various upgrades available in equipment and instrumentation to customize the car to the customers liking. * Prices subject to changes without notice by suppliers.