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Seattle EVA

User Management

  • Special:Userlogin - Follow "Create an account" link.
    • Supply UserName, Full Name, and Email address, then click on "By email" link.
    • Attempt to create the new users initial page, describing who they are.
  • Special:Listusers - List of current users and their rights.
    • mysql -u root --password=$sp -D $DB -e "SELECT user_id,user_name,user_real_name,user_email FROM sevawiki_user;"
  • Special:Userrights - Change users rights and permissions.
  • User:WikiAdmin/Preferences - New user orientation page.


Special:Interwiki Management - Interwiki Help

Use to flush this servers cache.

  • /etc/php4/apache/php.ini
    • post_max_size = 80M
    • upload_max_filesize = 80M
Used to look like this
  • Nested menus patches
    • Nested menus are working in MonoBook and CologneBlue based skins...
    • Changes made to includes/Skin.php, skins/MonoBook.php, skins/CologneBlue.php, skins/common/cologneblue.css, skins/monobook/main.css, and custom skin.


SMF Forums

Simple Machine Forum software was put into production on June 12th 2008 and is accessable via The Forums Discussion page was used to discuss and vet the implementation of new Forums services for SEVA.

Mods to evaluate

Feature Requests

These are some features that I would like to implement within the smf forum software.

  • A read only Category/Board with which to archive maillist messages.
  • A weekly digest of all forum activity which can be sent to the maillist.

Categories and Boards

In each Category-Board create a sticky post linking into related articles on the wiki!

  • General Category
    • <a href=>Please refer to Forums Discussion</a>
      Go Back to the Wiki to find out what this Forum is all about.
      Guest access, Read Only Link back to wiki, until a more appropriate site services menu is deployed.
    • General Discussion
      If you can't find an appropriate Category or Board this is the place for you.
    • Local Businesses
      A place for local EV businesses to talk about their products and services.
    • Maillist Archive
      A read only archive of the maillist for easier indexing and searching.
    • Events and SEVA Minutes
      A place to organize and discuss past and future EVents.
       !+Lock+Stick "See also the <a href=>Wiki:Current events</a> page."
  • Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV or just EV)
    • Production Electric Vehicles
      Talk about Production Electric Vehicles by major or minor auto makers.
    • Electric Vehicle Conversions
      Talk about EV Conversions, the highest form of automobile recycling.
    • Hybrids and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV and PHEV)
      Talk about stock Hybrids, PHEV's, and PHEV Conversions.
    • Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV)
      Talk about low speed EVs that are not freeway capable.
    • Electric Motorcycles and other unique high speed vehicles.
      Talk about Motorcycles, Narrow, 3-wheel, or other miscellaneous full speed vehicles.
    • Electric Bicycles, Scooters, and mopeds.
      Talk about electric bikes and other low speed two or three wheel vehicles.
    • EV Racing and the National Electric Drag Racing Assoc (NEDRA)
      Talk about EV's of all shapes and sizes that go fast on or off the race track.
  • EV Components and Hardware
    • Electric Motors
      The electric equivalent to a gas Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).
    • Motor Speed Controllers
      The electric equivalent of the carburetor and ignition system.
    • Battery Chargers and Battery Management Systems (BMS)
      The electric equivalent of the fuel port and gas station pump.
    • Traction Batteries
      The electric equivalent of the fuel tank and it's fuel.
    • Miscellaneous Parts
      Other stuff like wiring, fuses, gages, DC-DC, AC, heaters, structural, etc...

Initial Settings

Be sure to add the SEVA Google Analytics Urchin code block somewhere within the global theme...

Add these lines to Themes/default/Themes.template.php before the line // Show the [home] button.

// Add a link to wiki site, inactive

//echo '<a href="">SEVA wiki home</a>';

// Add a link to wiki site, active

//echo '  //<a href="">SEVA wiki home</a> ';

// Add a link to wiki site, active link and in it's own maintab bar

echo ' 

<a href=""><img style="clear:left; float:left;" src="/skins/monobook/mw-21x15.png"

height=15> SEVA wiki home</a> '; echo ' '; echo ' ';

Add a rss feed link to subscribe to all categories.

// Show an rss feed link for all categories

echo '<a href="/smf/index.php?action=.xml;sa=recent;limit=100;type=rss2"> <img style="clear:left; float:left;" src="/smf/Themes/default/images/rss.gif">  RSS All</a>'; Add this to enhance the Forums own "Home" link. // Modify the "Home" button text $txt[103] = '<img style="clear:left; float:left;" src="/smf/Themes/default/images/new_some.gif" height=15>  SEVA Forums Home';

  • News
  • Features - Basic
    • Enable Poll,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,0,,300
    • enable (stats, views, logging)
    • require reactivation
    • 1,1,1,1
    • 800,600
    • 1,10,45,20
  • Features - Layout
    • 1,5,today & yesterday,1,1,1,90,1,0,1
  • Features - Karma
    • enable karma +&-,0,1,1
  • Server - Core
    • Title:Seattle Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) Forums
    • Webmaster
  • Server - Features
    • enable compressed output
    • use database driven sessions
  • Server - Cache
    • Yes, install some caching!
  • Theme - settings for default
    • recent posts on index:5
    • who is viewing:show member names
    • 1,1,1,1,1,0,1,1,1,1,1,?,5000,1,1,1,1,0,0
  • Board - Construct Categories and Boards per above list
    • Settings:give moderators permission, count child posts.
  • Posts
    • code: enable basic html
    • Censored: Use it to convert works into wiki links perhaps?
    • Topic settings:1,1,...,Max topics:150,enable prev/next links
  • Calendar
    • Enable, set perm (all,mem+mod,mem+mod,mod),1,0,7,all,all,all,EVents Board,1,1,...,span days,7
  • Search, consider search indexes in the future
    • Settings: perm(all),1,30,0
  • Attachments - Settings
    • all,0,,1,default,512000,10240,10240,10,1,1,300,300
  • Attachments - Avatars
    • perm(all),perm(all),download at given url,perm(all),65,65,1,1,ataachment dir
  • Members and groups, defaults for now, but we can create new groups
  • Registration - New - Require user to activate the account
  • Registration - Settings
    • Member activation,1,1,medium,medium,13,reject(COPPA compliance, we reject registration of minors)
  • Permissions - Settings
    • enable permissions for post count based groups. (additive to "regular members")
    • allow global moderators to manage permissions.
  • Permissions - by membergroup Might not apply these unless there is a problem with attachments
    • Modify Regular Members - Remove Post attachment permissions.
    • Modify Jr. Members(50 posts) - Add Post attachment permissions.

Software to Evaluate

Here are some forum applications to look into:

  • phpbb (phpbb2 is an available ubuntu package) phpbb3 is also available.
  • PunBB[1] is a fast and lightweight PHP-powered discussion board.
  • Simple Machines Forum SMF is a free, professional grade software package for online community.

A maillist to forum conduit which may come in handy for integrating the maillist into the forum:

Also available at the server but not in use by SEVA:

  • wordpress is already installed and in use at the server at other domain names.

Just an handy site for looking into CMS:

  • CMS Matrix A list of various CMS (Content Management Systems)