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EVents/2007 09 21

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Washington State Recycling Association - LeMay Car Museum

Dear SEVA Members,

I am helping to organize an event for the Washington State Recycling Association. On Friday, September 21st from 5-9pm, we will be hosting a reception at the LeMay Car Museum (in Spanaway off of Pacific Ave, east of McChord AFB). Besides viewing the excellent LeMay collection, we are assembling a group of eco-friendly cars. It won't be a big show or a public show, just 100-150 recycling industry professionals. However, these folks would certainly qualify as our 'target market', and tend to be both equipment and environmental policy junkies who ask intelligent questions.

Any EV'er willing to display his vehicle would be welcomed with the chance to display alongside one of the world's premiere car collections, free admission to said collection, and complimentary food and drink. Earlier in the day, our group will be touring my employer's new recycling plant and the nearby LRI Landfill and composting facility. Anyone displaying a car who is interested would also be welcome to join in. I'd love to get a cross-section of the hobby. An OEM EV or few, some antique conversions, an NEV, a Sparrow, a racer, and a plug-in hybrid would help to make the display complete.

If you are interested, please contact me by phone or email.
Event details will be forthcoming at
Thanks, Jay Donnaway
SP Recycling Corp.
jray3 (at)
jay.donnaway (at)