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EVents 2008 06 07

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[edit] VEVA REV2008

Saturday June 7, 9:30 - 4:30, on the Saturday at the end of Canada's Clean Air Week, the public is invited to the 13th Annual Ride-Electric-Vehicles (REV) show. This year's event will be at the Burnaby Sports field parking lot by Sprott and Kensington, just west of Burnaby Lake. Examine close up and ride in all kinds of electric vehicles. See converted regular cars, commercially built scooters and bikes, motorcycles and even motorized furniture. Come ask questions, that's what it's all about - your eco awareness and education ! Since we are a volunteer group, earth-saving volunteers are always welcome! The event, the advice and the rides are FREE !

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[edit] Post event by Dave

Deb and I went up to Vancouver saturday for their annual Ride EV event, REV.

Crossing the border going up was a breeze, coming back it took 45 minutes.

I didn't see that many rides being given. they had part of the parking area blocked off where the Detroit Electric was running and a fella with really fun looking go-kart was taking laps and sliding around turns. and e-bikes all over the place.

There were a coupla of "factory" moto-cross e-bikes (not conversions), a converted Yamaha FZ600 road bike running 22 ThunderSky 90ah batteries. An E-box, another Scion converted by CAN-EV with 160ah ThunderSky batteries. Two very nice looking Fieros, one on its maiden voyage. Two S10's, a Solectria Force (Geo) with the larger 130ah Valence batteries (13). I've got a 102meg of pictures to put up on the website if I can figure out how to get them there. Probably just give 'em to Ryan ;^).

I met Randy Holmquist of CAN-EV he had some interesting figures concerning S10 kit sales... 1 a month for the last 17 years, 1 a week starting last fall/eary this year. A 3 week stretch last month of 1 a day. now settled down to about 2 a week.

There were at least 2 e-bikes there with hybrid packs, that is ultra-caps and batteries. Or maybe they were regular capacitors. It was a fun event. When I go next year I'm taking Amtrak staying over night in Vancouver and then taking the Skytrain to Burnaby assuming it's held in the same location and Amtrak is still running.  :^)

Steve, I think SEVA needs to re-instate the EV rides for the public event... Can we get one together for late August or even Sept?? Let's revive Gasless at Gasworks

Some photos follow...

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