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EVents 2006 03 06

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[edit] Excelent EV Interview - In a very PHEV Mood

Per SEVA_Maillist:2006./3./6, Interview After This Port of Chelan County Advanced Vehicle Initiative - Tech Group EVent.

KOHO-FM is a small fm station in Levenworth Washington, a very alpine community on the East Slopes of the Cascade Mountins. But the Founders of the Bulllit Foundation have built a very environmentally aware community. This radio station is STREAMING on the internet, so everyone, and any one can listen in. (Unfortunately) they have added to their streaming software a thing called... "Abcast" essentially for a higher quality brodcast..

The interview aired this last Monday morning, March 6th, at 8: a.m. (Pacific Standard Time) Their WEB connection..

We were along with our SEVA member Ryan Fulcher, and the head of the Chelan County Economic Development Council, from Wenatchee, Washington. Wenatchee, along with Seattle, and many other cities have signed ON to the Plug-In-Partners. They are very keen on getting some Plug-In hybrids ON THE ROAD in Chelan County, ASAP...

It's was reallly GOOD EV - Listening..

If you had problems getting the Streaming to work, SEVA has a HARD copy of the interview on MP3, and has POSTED it to our web site here below, for those of you who did not get a chance to listen to it LIVE.....

Listen to the Interview 7.5Megs

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