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Electric Vehicles are pushing the envelope by drag racing thanks in part to NEDRA the National Electric Drag Racing Association!

  • Congratulations to Plasma Boy, John Wayland on his recent success at breaking into the 12's and through the 100mph 1/4 mile barriers in his street legal Electric Datsun White Zombie!
  • A new EV project named Gone Postal has made a number of very respectable runs, with plenty more if Rodrick can prevent it from trying to destroy itself. It's quite a sight to behold, a tricked out converted postal van dragster zooming down the drag strip at 90+mph.
  • EVs aren't just drag racing, check out the ProEV Electric Imp autocrossing! This car is using high power Kokam Lithium-ion batteries.
  • The tzero by ACPropulsion is a high end EV utilizing the latest Li-Ion battery technology with a range of nearly 300 miles and performance on par with the Lamborghini Murcielago, or Porsche Carrera GT. Yes, you heard right 0-60 in the Sub 4 second range. It recently earned the highest grade at the 2003 Michelin Challenge Bibendum Sept. 29, 2003, receiving a 3.40 GPA. But don't expect to hear much about it in the mainstream media.
  • The Tango of Commuter Cars Corp. may very well redefine the way you drive to work. It too touts acceleration of 0-60 in the 4 second range, yet with annual production of 100,000 units, pricing could be in the affordable $10k to $29k range. With it's slim motorcycle like half width design and lane splitting ability at least it's still a funny looking (cbs video) EV. Don't want to disappoint you with all normal looking EVs ;)

Thanks to David O'Neil from SEVA, there are five new videos on Google Video. Although these are from 1999 there is some great coverage from two German TV shows which filmed at Woodburn in 1999 as well as coverage on ESPN and the TV show The New Edge with Ryan Seacrest who now hosts American Idle. There is also a great wheel standing launch of the "Maniac Mazda" at Bremerton Raceway. You will see lots of EV folks like Father Time flying over the handlebars when he collides with a Lincoln Town Car and David Cloud's dragster breaking a sprocket on launch allowing one of his two motors to over speed and form a great fireball. There is also John Wayland, Dennis Berube, and Bill Dube just to name a few. You will have to watch for yourself. You can also do a search for "Maniac Mazda" which is what Dave put them up under.