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The General Motors EV1 was perhaps the best of a number of modern Production BEVs.

Even the most popular car model would not do well if: EVDL Y!

  1. It was available only at two locations in the entire world.
  2. It was not for sale, you could only lease it.
  3. An income over $100,000 was required to qualify for a lease.
  4. To qualify for a lease, you had to pass a written test.
  5. After qualifying, you may or may not be granted a car lease.
  6. You had to live within 50 miles of one of the two dealerships.
  7. You had to wait a year to get one.

GM has discontinued it's electric vehicle program, and is in the process of gathering up most of the 1160 EV1's that were produced. Only about 100 EV1 are left in operation for further research by GM. About 50 were stripped of their parts and the shells donated to museums or colleges. The remaining 1100 were taken to the GM proving ground in Mesa AZ and crushed, or "Recycled"[1]. Many expressed interest in the EV1, despite a total lack of marketing. The few that were able to get into an EV1, did so through a lease since GM refused to sell the car to anyone. If you have an interest in EV's and would like to express that interest please take a look at this Petition. Over 1300 1948 people have signed it, expressing their interest to purchase an EV1.


Live EV1

This section has been moved to the GM EV1 WWU Resurrection article.

Next Gen, Volt

Sounds like GM might bring back an EV1 Gen3 style vehicle, named the Chevy Volt.

Hope it makes it into production and has 50 to 100 miles of EV range, which would be easy with modern Lithium.


  • 2007.08.06 - Imagine the Volt A 17 year old video about the EV1 predecessor the Impact and it's potential then, and now.
"Seventeen years ago GM could imagine, and then produce, an electric car. Check out this 13 minute GM video on the car that became the EV1. Commenting on its technological achievements, John Zwerner, GM Advanced Product Engineering, says "we wanted to drive a stake in the to what a contemporary produceable electric vehicle would look like and how it would perform if we were to build such a vehicle." Instead, as we know, GM drove a stake in its heart. Literally. Right through the controller after they confiscated each EV1 from consumers. The video makes quite plain the societal and personal benefits of electric cars, and how GM actually met the challenge. GM hasn't got another 17 years to make this real.
By the way, that's Alec Brooks in the still of the video. He's now working at Tesla."

Imagine the Impact - May 1990

"GM May 1990 Issue Update video about the phenomenal Impact (EV1) prototype development program, testing, and future possibilities for ... all electric vehicles. The Impact prototype and EV1s had the lowest Coefficient of Drag (Cd = 0.19) of any production vehicle."

Who Killed The Electric Car

Visit for showtimes

Preliminary EVConfidentail Trailer 03:52
YouTube or Video.Google

Early EVConfidentail Directors Note 02:22
YouTube or Video.Google

Dead car2.jpg

GM Response

  • Maybe if GM repeats these same lines enough times they will become true? But will they help GM survive?
  • For an electric car, the EV1 is certainly making a lot of noise. - Internal GM Ad-July 2006
    • Who Ignored the Facts About the Electric Car? - By Dave Barthmuss GM Communications - "Know the Facts" according to GM that is.... Well it appears that GM has taken down that page, so here's a copy, something is going on over there....
      • "GM invested more than $1 billion in the EV1 program, which included money for installing a charging infrastructure and for marketing the product."
        • Well Whoop Di Do for You, somehow this doesn't seem to justify but rather further exacerbates trying to find reason in why all the EV1's were taken out of happy customers hands and crushed? "Because we spent billions and invested in charging infrastructure" doesn't explain away or justify a single thing? And why the infrastructure, why not put the charger on-board and use "normal" outlets? --
      • "Even with extensive publicity, award-winning advertising and customer incentives the Electric Vehicle program was not a commercially viable business."
        • What the Bleep? You call down right existential/spooky albeit award-winning adds in 2 or 3 select cities when potential buyers had to "qualify" giving it a fair shot? Pssst, Where's that Gen3 Hybrid-EV1 guys, or would that have made it a practical vehicle for 100% of people instead of only 90%? --
      • "GM leveraged advanced technology to create the Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid. It will hit showrooms later this summer, incorporating a new, more affordable gas-electric technology."
        • Gee that's great, your only 6 or 7 years behind the game. Where is your Hybrid/Electric Corvette? That's what the EV1 was supposed to be for me. I don't need a stinkin' truck, no offense to those who do, maybe try a Chevrolet S10 EV(some survive), Ford Ranger EV(some escaped), Toyota RAV4 EV(now selling for ~60K 6 years old). Toss a nice quiet and clean Honda gen-set in the back and Walla, a Hybrid! Curious, why can't we Plug-In today's batch of Hybrids, isn't it? Too bad GM sold off their NiMH interests, that wasn't to smart. --Rjf 16:25, 19 July 2006 (CDT) Damn, all this spin can sorta make one a little dizzy.

See a related thread on the evdl [10]

Future Crush

Google Video FutureCrusH Video about the rallies to save the EV1 EVDL_Maillist:2006./1./1934

  • A series of interviews with experts, customers, and enthusiasts regarding the controversial decision by General Motors to kill its own brilliantly successful EV1 electric car program, which was followed quickly by the secretive, dramatic, and expensive seizure and crushing of most of the 1,100 high performance, zero emissions, gasoline-free, market ready EV1 vehicles in existence. Director and Producer: Mike Patterson

An EV1 Experiance

An EV1 Experience: at YouTube.

An EV1 Experience is video I took while renting a GM EV1 from evrentals at LAX in 2002 before they were crushed.

  • YouTube or Video.Google 01:02 - 05 Hillclimb - Driving around, up and down some hills, listen for the reaction when I goose it at about 0:44.
  • YouTube or Video.Google 00:32 - 10 Sold one - At the beginning of the day I placed a For Sale sign in the window, and had an offer in less than three hours, but I hear there was no demand?

00:32 - 10 Sold one
At the beginning of the day I placed a For Sale sign in the window,
and had an offer in less than three hours,
but I hear there was no demand?

See also

Attempts to save the EV1

Acquiring an EV1 and Personal Accounts

GM Produced 648 Generation I cars, and 186 Generation II. 834 Cars in all. Still looking for accurate production numbers

ElectricDrive Specs

Data from
Vehicle Size :
Overall Length (in.): 169.7
Overall Width (in.): 69.5
Overall Height (in.): 50.5
Wheel Base (in.): 98.9
Curb Weight (lbs.): PbA - 3086/2908 - NiMH
Payload (lbs.): N/A
Number of Occupants: 2 passengers

Electric Power Plant :
Voltage: PbA - 312v/ 343v - NiMH 
Motor Type: 3 Phase AC Induction 
Horsepower: 137 hp
Power: 102 kW 
Battery Type: PbA/NiMH 
Battery Modules: 26

Vehicle Systems :
Recharging Specifications: Inductive Charging
Transmission: Automatic
Suspension: Front: Aluminum short/long arms with coil spring over
 shock absorber with stabilizer bar/ Rear: Multi-Link aluminum beam
 with panhard rod (enhance rear suspension geometry for Gen. II car. 
Steering: Electro-Hydraulic - Power rack (speed sensitive, variable effort) & pinion system
Air Bags: Driver and Passenger Side
Tires: P175/65R14 - Michelin Proximal puncture resistant, self-sealing 
Brake Assist: Electro-Hydraulic, power assisted front and electric rear with blended regenerative
Regenerative Braking: Equipped
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS): 4-Wheel Equipped
Air Conditioning/Heater: Equipped
Audio System (AM/FM/CD): AM/FM Cassette and CD

Performance :
Range: PbA - 55-95 miles/ Ni-MH 75-130 miles
Acceleration: 0 - 60 mph in less than 9 seconds
Maximum Speed: 80 mph
Recharging Time: PbA - 5.5 to 6 hours/ Ni-MH - 6 to 8 hours 

Contact Information:
- Out of Production
- Releasing the recalled Gen I and II Vehicles