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EVents 2008 04 08

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Our monthly meetings are held at the Church of the Nazarene above the Mosaic Community Coffee House.

Join us at our SEVA Meetings

Unless otherwise posted here, or sent out over the SEVA Maillist each Monthly Meeting is Held on the Evening of the Second Tuesday of each Month commencing at 7 p.m. or there about. Meetings are held at the Church of the Nazarene at 44th St. NE, and 3rd Ave NE, just behind Dicks Drive In on 45th. Their fire damage has been repaired, and they welcome us back. We encourage visitors and members to help support this free venue with the purchase of some fine coffee and other refreshments downstairs at the Mosaic Community Coffee House.

April 8th 2008 Meeting


Another jam-packed SEVA meeting last night! No less than seventy-one people showed up. Lucky we have the new bigger room upstairs at the Mosaic.


Stephen Johnsen started off the meeting and shared the good news about the public charging station Stephen Bernheim of Edmonds has gotten installed at the city hall. Many of you may remember Mr. Bernheim and his yellow sparrow coming to SEVA events in the past. Members Stephen Bernheim, Paul Peavyhouse, Dan Davids, Hans Larson and Stephen Johnsen had been meeting to work on charging infrastructure development in the past. Mr. Bernheim was disappointed in the lack of intrest by the Edmonds City Council so he ran in the next election and won! Unfortunately, city council meetings are on Tuesday nights so he is no longer able to make the SEVA meetings, he would be interested in perhaps having an outdoor SEVA event in Edmonds sometime this summer.

Anyway, thanks to the aforementioned members' hard work, there is now a public charging station in the city hall parking lot. The electrical box includes 3 outlets each with their own localized breakers right above them. The outlets include two GFCI protected standard 120V plugs, one 3 prong RV type 120V (30A?) outlet and one big 240V NEMA 14-50 range plug (50amp 4 prong oven style plug). Stephen B. is also working on getting another station set up down at the port where there are a bunch of 120v outlets on a panel.

Please show your support for the City of Edmonds efforts by driving your EV down into Edmonds and using the station and checking out the restaurants and shops or the scenic waterfront all of which are near by.

The group voted overwhelmingly in favor of another new run of SEVA T-shirts to be printed at approximately $20 each. There were requests for roughly 3 size mediums and then the majority being large or extra large. There was also put forward the idea of a contest for the design of the new shirts. Lets have anyone interested in submitting drawings or slogan ideas to for the shirt work on that for the May SEVA meeting. At that point we could also do a pre-order of T-shirts for those interested.

Barbara Denovan mentioned there will be some classes coming up on EVs and EV conversion information. These will be at South Seattle Community College, there will be some week long conversion courses where an actual car will be converted to an EV during the class. The week long courses will probably cost around $800 per person. The other courses on individual EV topics will be shorter one evening classes and should be around $29 per person. For more information contact Barbara at: EICEHS -at- aol -dot- com and see the EPClass page.


April 12-13: Huge Seattle Green Festival at the Seattle Convention Center. Expected to attract 20,000 people. SEVA and Plug-in America will share a booth there and Chelsea Sexton will be speaking. Come check it out this weekend!

April 20: Whidbey Island Earth Day EVent. SEVA members Kent Bakke and Dave Barden will have the Lithium VW there. The event is about 7 miles from the ferry dock if you take the Clinton ferry. For more information contact Tim Economu: teconomu -at- whidbey -dot- com

April 25-26: Pasco 2008 Alternative Energy Expo and Electrathon EV race. A renewable energy event over in Eastern Washington at the Columbia Basin College. For more information contact Darroll Clark at: dclark -at- franklinpud -dot- com or (509) 546-5944

April 26: Phinney Neighborhood GREEN MY RIDE. This EVent is going to be a large free event at the Phinney Neigborhood Center 6532 Phinney Ave. North in Seattle. There will be lots of cars, live music and even prizes. Jennifer Wood has been coming to the SEVA meetings and is willing to pay for an electrician to re-wire a 220V outlet for charging at the EVent. For more information contact Jennifer at: jwood507 -at- yahoo -dot- com or call: (206)789-7735

May 3: MC Electric Vehicles Revolution EVent. Come celebrate and reunite with the many people who have purchased NEVs from MC EV at 1200 South Dearborn Street Seattle, WA 98144. For more info call: 1-800-732-1108 or email : steve -at- stevemayeda -dot- com

May 3: 10th Annual Lacey Alternative Energy Fair and Electrathon race. This has been a big event for the past 10 years. 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.Huntamer Park in Woodland Square For more Information call: (360) 491-0857

May 8-9: 4th Annual POWER UP! Electrifying Transportation summit in Wenatchee. This is a HUGE event over in Wenatchee. The majority voted at the meeting for SEVA to help cover the admission costs for Steve Lough and Stephen Johnsen to attend this event. For more information email: info -at- plugincenter -dot- com or visit:

May 10-11: 1st Annual SEVA Range Rally. This big EVent is calling for EVs of all types to come together and see who can go farthest on a charge. The EVent will be held at Interstate Batteries in Everett, 727 134th St. SW Everett, WA from 12 noon Saturday to 8pm Sunday. There has been at least $500 in cash prizes put up for winning vehicles. Please contact Dave Cloud for more information: cloudvolt -at- hotmail -dot- com or: (425) 788-9293


Dave Barden shared a bit about his trip down to Oregon to meet with Jim Hustead (DC motor customizer for EVs) Tired of your dirty old chipped paint DC motor? Want a siamese twin motor built? Visit: Dave announced that Mr. Hustead was kind enough to donate to SEVA a special polishing stone for people to clean their commutator bars. If you are a SEVA member and have dark com bars then you can borrow it.

Stephen Johnsen shared a story of putting all his batteries into his twin-motor Fiero and discovering 145 Volts between the master battery leads and the Chassis. YIKES? The problem was traced to one particular Exide Orbital battery which was conducting through the plastic case (likely leaky acid) this in turn was actually shorting through the rubber sourrounding the battery pack and getting to the chassis?! Word to the wise: Some Rubber is conductive! Check before you buy... Bruce Sherry mentioned that black rubber often has carbon in it and this could explain it.

Hans Larson brought a projector and shared photos from his trip to Ethiopia. He showed how fast the country is industrializing with freeways going in and many automobiles. Unfortunately there are no strict smog laws the he showed a bunch of exhaust belching photos. Ethiopia doesn't have oil wells but they do have lots of Hydro power, some geothermal and lots and lots of sun. Hans showed some photos of large electric buses which are being tested and soon to be built in Ethiopia. Hans is working with the local government and business people to set up a business importing Reva EVs from India. He shared info about Reva and how they are the largest manufacturer of EVs in the world (yet not available in the US) for more info visit:

Dan Davids did a slide show and presentation on the recent CARB (California Air Resources Board) hearing which he attended in Sacramento. Despite overwhelming testimony from many people including ex CIA official James Woolsey and only two negative testimonies from BMW and Daimler Benz, the CARB board really struck down and decreased the EV zero-emissions credits and favored helping Hydrogen. Very sad... Dan received applause for his efforts and his part in lowering an enormous "Electric Vehicles for Change" banner from an adjacent parking garage. Plug in America will now be focusing more on EV public awareness and also perhaps on states other than California. There where tons of Rav4 EVs some driving all the way from San Francisco an AC propulsion Scion Ebox and 4 Tesla Roadsters all parked in front and even giving rides. A collection of YouTube videos can be found on the Media#Videos page.


All in all it was a positive meeting with incredible turn out. Over 70 people and a record 25 people took EAA membership forms! (Special Thanks to long-time member John Mark who had brought the forms.) Additionally, $53 dollars was raised for the treasury through the 50/50 raffle drawing and another $20 was donated from a kind gentleman who had come to the meeting for the first time.

Lots of EVents coming up before the next meeting May 13th. We look forward to seeing everyone again and Steve Lough, Dan Davids, Jeff Finn and Stephen Johnsen will be at the Green Festival this weekend.

Kind Regards,
-Stephen Johnsen-