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2009.02.11 - The EAA Board of Directors have voted, and Yes!, Steven Lough has been selected to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award! Next we will need to choose a speaker to present the Award Trophy, and read the speech at the National Meeting, in Palo Alto, on Saturday February 21. EAA Members should have received, or will be receiving a postcard announcing the Meeting with instructions for calling-in. We still need to choose a presenter, to call-in from your Chapter, or have someone at the Meeting do it.

Steven Lough's EAA Lifetime Achievement Award nomination forums post

Steven Lough has been a leader in local efforts to popularize Electric Vehicles for over 28 years. His family GM Dealership took on a line of commercially built electric vehicles back in 1980. Soon after that Steven became the President of the local EV Club, the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association. Starting in 1981 till the present, he has orchestrated Electric Vehicle EV-ents every year to include multiple exhibits at the Pacific Science Center, Seattle International Auto show, EV Rallies round Green Lake – coined "Gasless round Greenlake" then "Gasless at Gas Works Park", and finally "Gasless on Greenwood Ave." … the annual Hot Rod and custom car show, sponsored by the Greenwood and Phinny Ridge Development Council. He has been instrumental in aligning SEVA with the Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition, and a half dozen other Environmental groups. He has also been active in lobbying for favorable EV Legislation in Olympia. For several years he also sat on the Board of the National Electric Auto Association. Being this active, and meeting with EV Enthusiasts from around the world at various National and International EV Conventions, he has befriended many EV Personalities to include, Chelsea Sexton of Plug-In-America, Chris Paine – Director of "Who Killed the Electric Car", Bill Moore of EVWorld, Felix Kramer of, Dr. Andrew Frank of US Davis, and many local, state, and federal legislators.

His favorite activity these days is to engage the public in the EV Debate through lectures, speaking engagements, radio and TV appearances, and just talking with anyone who will step forward with a question or two about EVs. SEVA has put more freeway-capable EVs on the streets of King County than any other entity, mainly through the conversion of existing Gas Cars into Electric Cars. Two of the clubs most popular mottoes which sum up their credo are: "Education, Demonstration, and Proliferation" And: "To convert a gas car to electric, is the highest form of recycling" Both coined by Steven many years ago. He has attended many World EV Conventions and symposiums over the last 20 years, and has fostered friendships with many of the worlds leading Personalities and key technical innovators in the field.

His outlook on Electric Vehicles is very Democratic. He is in favor of any and all forms of EVs to include, Street vehicles, both freeway capable and NEV’s ( Neighborhood Electric Vehicles) Electric Racing, Electric Boats, Electric assisted bicycles, and scooters, and in general any device which does not use gas or diesel. He is in favor of the implementation of Bio-Diesel and Ethanol as long as it can be produced sustainability. Also wind and solar power, and especially the vibrant movement towards Plug-In Hybrid cars, of which the Seattle EV Association has been very active. He is available for speaking engagements on a moments notice.

Chapter Member Comments

Dave Barden

While I hope Steve is not "retiring" he is certainly deserving of national recognition. it has been his tireless and selfless dedication that has kept SEVA viable through all the ups and downs these last 28 years. I second the nomination of Steve Lough for lifetime achievement award.

Barbara Denovan

Steve has been instrumental in starting an Electric Vehicle series of classes at South Seattle Community College including a 6 day conversion class in June 2008 taught by Mike Brown and Shari Prange and he and other SEVA members will be teaching another one in March 2009

Steve, along with other SEVA members, has provided support for Electric Vehicle businesses in the Seattle area.

Steve is usually the first contact with people looking for information about EVs. His phone number is available to the public and he kindly answers all kinds of questions about EVs. That is how I got involved about two years ago.

Norman T. Baker

Steven Lough definitely deserves the Lifetime Achievement Award. I have been interested in EV's for sometime but only recently became a member of SEVA. Steve has been a dedicated proponent and mentor of all things EV answering questions and providing direction since the first time I met him. The work he does on behalf of EV's cannot be measured or defined but clearly contributes to a serious economic and environmental problem facing all of us in America and the world. I have tremendous respect for that kind of vision and dedication and selflessness. Congratulations Steve. You deserves the award.

Deb S.

Steve is someone who walks the talk. Not only was he converting his own car(s) in the '70s before any one thought to, he continues to be a passionate and clear-spoken advocate electric car use and technology for and in I think this man deserves a lot of credit for organizing everyone as he does and for his on-going willingness to demonstrate, teach and reach out to people about alternative transportation.

Photos of Steve and Friends

<gallery> Image:Steve-Ed Bagly Jr.jpg|Ed Bagly Jr. Image:Steve-James Woolsey.jpg|James Woolsey Image:Steve-Jay Inslee.jpg|Jay Inslee Image:Steve-Jim McDermott.jpg|Jim McDermott Image:Steve-Chelsea Sexton.jpg|Chelsea Sexton and Husband Image:Steve-Ron Sims.jpg|Ron Sims <gallery>