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User:Steven Lough

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Hi, Steve Lough here... at your service for 25 years

Although since selling our GM Dealership, I no longer have a fully equiped shop to work in For You... I can be of great help in POINTING you in the right direction, i.e. Who to call, who to see, what to do, Organize an EV-ent.. etc.

  • Contact me by phone during the day: 206 850 8535
  • in the EVenings for longer conversations at: 206 524 1351
  • by E-Mail at: stevenslough(at)comcast(dot)net


This show aired some time ago, Cable Channel 3 ( The Ion Network) I like that Name, once had an EV named (Ion - 1) Glad we were able to obtain a copy of the very POSITIVELY ELECTRIC Interview. Thanks also to our SEVA member Chuck Huckeby, who was able to digitize the show from VHS ( which is all they could give us) and place it UP on Google Video for all to enjoy.

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