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User:Rjf/Insight Modifications

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This is a new page and is still being built, I hope you can make sense of it.

Some Photos of Lightning:

Insight-2.jpg Insight-1.jpg Insight-3.jpg Insight-4.jpg Shiftknob10.jpg Shiftknob01.jpg

InsightPlus Rear Wheel Electric Drive

This is a crazy project attempting to utilize 4 Etek DC Perm-Mag motors and sized to spec Sevcon MillipaK 4Q controllers with Regen. The motors and reduction chain or belt drive should fit within the spare tire compartment which is approximately 24 by 24 inches be 8 inches in height. Each pair of motors will be coupled shaft to shaft and share a 50 pitch chain and sprocket reduction to independently drive one of the two rear wheels. This unique configuration of 4 or more 12v batteries and 4 motors will allow for a 12 discrete step contactor controller setup which would replace the $1400 modern motor controllers with a drum switch or set of 6 contractors. Some safety interlocks may be desirable to prevent engaging a contactor step further than one or two steps away from the current voltage/rpm ratio with such a contactor controller setup. The range with PbA batteries is expected to be less than 5 miles utilizing the storage space above the motors, NiMH might deliver 10 to 15 miles, while Li-ion would weigh substantially less and deliver 15 to 30 or more miles. Cheap powerful Lead-acid should be enough for short auto cross or 1/4 mile racing with an additional 50 to 100+ kW over and above the stock 71 horse power (53kW) power train. The rear suspension must be modifies, with the help of Don (Father Time) Crabtree I've managed to fit hubs and spindals from the front of the Insight into the rear to accept half shafts. The springs may need to be replaced to compensate for the additional 300 to 400 lbs of weight.

Quad Etek main plates

Quad Etek main plates

Two Eteks are bolted to the Main Plate at each end with a chain from each driving one of the rear wheels, axles exiting between the motors. A second set of Eteks are mounted to an opposing plate and the facing motors are coupled. A Center Plate may be required at the half shaft to support the inner bearing and it would be advantageous to somehow clutch these large sprockets.

Reduction Gearing

Gearing potentials, ratios, sizes, and voltage to speed spread. Currently based on standard 50 Pitch chains and sprockets.


Rear end with gas tank removed
Sevcon MillipaK 4Q Controler
New Spring Placement
Enlarged hole for Axle
Front Knuckles used as spacers
Upper Spring mounts
Similar 8 EteK setup, 3 installed

Others Projects

Willies' Turbo Insight

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Garys' Converted Electric Insight


Manual IMA


Manual IMA Circuit Diagram
Speed Governor Defeat Circuit

Speed Governor Disabling Circuit

This is a circuit I built to modify the VSS (Vehicle Speed Signal) on it's way to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) Computer in order to defeat the speed governor which limites the Insights speed to 112mph.

Accessory Battery Replacement

A group U1 will fit, the group 24 is too wide and group 27 are also too long. The perfect size battery is the group 51, which is a little longer than the stock battery, but the same height and width..oO( Plasma Boy! )