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The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association was founded in 1979 on the heels of this countries third gas crisis with the help of some of our founding fathers, Ray Nadreau and others who put an ad in local news papers advertising a meeting of "people interested in electric cars" to meet at the University of Washington Applied Physics building to help form a new EV club. Over 40 people showed up, and SEVA was born.

One of their first public shows was in the mall at South Center. If memory serves me there were 3 cars there that week end.

Interest grew, and before we knew it there were 3 EV dealers in town as well. Mycon Motors selling the little Camuta-Car from Florida, Steve Lough of Lough Motors selling the Lectric Leopard (Renault LeCar) from the original US Electricar of Massachusetts, and Sound Ford of Renton selling the Jet Industry Ford Escort electric car from Texas.

In the years which followed, all the commercial dealers except Lough Motors more or less dropped out of the business, but the club pressed on, with long distance rallies, car shows at the Pacific Science Center, and later exhibits at the Seattle International Auto Show in the King Dome.

Through our efforts, over the last 20 years, tens of thousands of people have heard of, and or seen electric cars in action, which otherwise would not have. It is only in the last few years that the major auto makers have seen the "hand writing on the wall" and made concerted efforts towards bringing EV's to the market place.

It will probably be well into the next millennium, till EV sales by the big 7 auto makers over take the thousands and thousands of electric cars on the road today through the efforts of clubs and organizations nation wide LIKE the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association.

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