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User:CasaDelGato/1989 Mazda Extended Cab B2200

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1989 Mazda Extended Cab B2200 Lowered with custom aluminum body work. Freeway capable 60+ mph, 30 miles on a charge. Was an every day driver, including trips to the lumber yard. The range is now down to 8 miles. Needs new batteries.


  • 144 volt system has sixteen 8 volt flooded lead acid batteries.
  • Custom marine grade aluminum insulated battery boxes with heaters.
  • 5 speed transmission. Flywheel has been machined down to half its original weight for increased efficiency.
  • Almost new tires, shocks, front brakes, and clutch.
  • Gets the equivalent of 90 miles to the gallon in terms of cost per mile.
  • Driving this truck will put a smile on your face!

More details:

  • Zilla Z1K controller
  • Elcon Charger TCCH-144-08 (120V-240V AC input)
  • Elcon DC-DC, 30A
  • Power brakes w/electric vacuum pump
  • 144V system, currently has 16 8V Flooded Lead Acid batteries. (6 in front, 12 under bed in back)
  • Battery Heaters ~ AC line powered.
  • 5-speed manual transmission w/clutch.

$14,000 invested, Asking $4,000