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SEVA meetings are held every second Tuesday.

EVents 2012 09 11

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Our monthly meetings are held at the Church of the Nazarene above the Mosaic Community Coffee House.

Join us at our SEVA Meetings

Unless otherwise posted here, or sent out over the SEVA Maillist each Monthly Meeting is Held on the Evening of the Second Tuesday of each Month commencing at 7 p.m. or there about. Meetings are held at the Church of the Nazarene at 44th St. NE, and 3rd Ave NE, just behind Dicks Drive In on 45th. Their fire damage has been repaired, and they welcome us back. We encourage visitors and members to help support this free venue with the purchase of some fine coffee and other refreshments downstairs at the Mosaic Community Coffee House.

September 11th 2012 Meeting

Message from lee-at-colleton=dot=net:

Here are the notes, comments are open to anyone with the link. If you want to edit them, please let me know and I'll add you to the access list. Click to open: minutes for SEVA meeting 2012-09-11

minutes for SEVA meeting 2012-09-11 19:22

  • Steven Lough, President
  • Stephen Johnson, Vice President
  • Treasurer takes a count of those present numbering 63
    The present $$ Balance in the SEVA account after receiving payment from the EAA for "Gasless on Greenwood expenses now sits at: $2325. VERY GOOD ! !

Our first guest was:

Jeffery Esfeld <> VIA motors NW representative GM pickups, vans and SUVs

director of commercial fleet programs working with various companies: Just a few of the companies waiting for the

Production Versions are:

verizon, coca-cola, ups, duke energy, others in PNW...

Via Motors is a second stage OEM of extended range EV - EREV for light and Medium Duty trucks. They have tested their EREV to 115 degrees in Death Valley, test of VIA van 7000 lbs and up. They are planning to work on future trucks from Class I through V The pick-ups, vans, and SUV's have a20kWh battery capacity. 40 miles The driving electric motors are 650HP with a410kW generator being powered by a small 4.3 ltr V6 10mpg van improves to 50 or 60mpg Their future assembly line could produce 20,000 vehicles on 6 lines per year.

Auburn Hills, MI
batteries manufactured at A123 factory in MI
Bob Lutz is on the VIA Motors Board of Directors
generator: 1400 rpm, 150kW peak, 100kW continuious, 20-25 % load following standard, evaluating mountain mode

50 or 60 mpg rating One of the very cool accessories is a

xPort power export panel, 15kW out, duplex 15A 120V, single 30A 240V, level II J1772 charge socket
  • iPad vehicle interface, Intranet. 4G?
  • start at high duty cycles and work down
  • savings calculator on website
  • EREV walk in step van for UPS and FedEX freightliners

Beyond Oil conference Report

Full video of the entire conference is now available at ( )
Google Prius autodrive...was one of the more futuristic presentations. is giving out a discount

24 month, $99 lease
90 cars in stock
$100 to SEVA The CATCH is a very large down payment, and a large Lease Residual.
Jeff Finn mentions that Thursday 3pm to 8pm they are having an event at Eastside Nissan. Help sell EVs!

Gene Seymour - order for 3 fancy Mercedes SUVs and Sons of Anarchy Episode 9 airs near Thanksgiving ancillary

Question: Training for EV drivers? No, not really.

Greg Rock meeting on October at 3rd place books climate change energy and transportation. presentation and debate 5 candidates of the 46th district

Jeff Finn, legislative liasion: we need vehicle miles travelled thursday 9am to 4pm the WA road usage charge feasability steering committee SEATAC airport conference center

Treasury, gasless in greenwood 29 cars on display 8-10k people walked by. money back from EVA

Puallup Faire: TacEVA 20th-22nd Thursday Friday Saturday charging is available handful of J1772 stations. Level 1 in the booth.

Chad Schwitters rported on plans for Seattle's National Plugin Day

  • Tom Saxon one event at Seattle Center - Chad Schwitter
  • Steven Cathy and Tom will organize event at Snoqualamie Falls
    May be 110v charging at the falls, 4 or 5 EVSE in town.
    70 or 80 cars
    TorqueLift is sponsoring food for both locations

Dan Davids - national level for Plug In America Chairman..noted that Auburn Hills, MI used the guide book which was created here in Seattle EV expert consulting for model ordinance for EV charging infrastructure. American Planning Assc. Puget Sound Regional Council work was used for their planning, signage, etc. NW having an impact across the country. PlugIn America started as a protest organization. Protest signs in garages of Californian progenitors. Auto mfrs and CARB browbeaten into making EVs (again) Plug-In partners in TX folded up. PIA hired Kirk Brown - pro communicator in the Bay Area focused on climate. 40k EVs on the road in the US. 18k volts, 14k leafs, 1400 roadsters 1000 fiskers, NEVs... Curve is improving, but not all clear. KB and the PIA board took a hard look, no longer about battery life, motors, policy, investment credits for charging stations, disinformation. The biggest issue is keeping demand ahead of supply. This is an educational issue. Get past the early adopters and convert drivers to EV.

Jeremy Smithson - solar tour and electric cars October 6th nat'l solar tour. Sites around the state: self guided tour. flyers 10-4 SNAP program to buy into PV in Wenatchee Statewide .54/kWh on top of net metering until June 30th 2020 payback down to 8 years.

SJ: better incentives for WA solar panels and inverters both total cost was $28k then payback in 2019 $4000 in pocket. $32k - $7500 for buying a LEAF replacing a Suburban with a 454, saving the cost of the LEAF in fuel costs >4kWh. SEVA has people from PIA & NEDRA. John Metchik. SJ is the PNW regional director. Pacific Raceways last minute event. Crabtree, Rudman's Mustang in upcoming event in Bremerton. 70kWh variable output. 22kWh power was delivered during racing and charging for return.

PV Blink stations in Issaquah.

Raffle donated to treasury.

Honda Del Sol - AC conversion

Fiero vs Ghia - close match

Blowing up batteries, running out of voltage, series vs parallel wiring.