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EVents 2012 04 10

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Our monthly meetings are held at the Church of the Nazarene above the Mosaic Community Coffee House.

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Unless otherwise posted here, or sent out over the SEVA Maillist each Monthly Meeting is Held on the Evening of the Second Tuesday of each Month commencing at 7 p.m. or there about. Meetings are held at the Church of the Nazarene at 44th St. NE, and 3rd Ave NE, just behind Dicks Drive In on 45th. Their fire damage has been repaired, and they welcome us back. We encourage visitors and members to help support this free venue with the purchase of some fine coffee and other refreshments downstairs at the Mosaic Community Coffee House.

April 10th 2012 Meeting

I edited in some input from my fellow board members, so, with no further adieu, the meeting minutes!

It was a very well attended meeting. Weather and longer daylight always helps. We counted over 15 electric cars in the Lot. to include a beautiful new CODA EV brought in by Chris Gray, a AAA official, and a fantastic new home-conversion complete with AC Drive and Lithium batteries of a late model Honda Del-Sol by John Pue. We counted over 70 folk in the hall once the meeting started inside at 7:30

Gael Tarleton, Port of Seattle commissioner, talked a bit about the electrification efforts there. She believes there needs to be a larger system for electric charging access and more standardization on their location so the money that is spent is done so in the best way. For example, rental cars will increasingly be electric. She wants to know what the Port of Seattle to be ready for future electric vehicles. Some suggestions: tow ICEs parked in front of charging stations, don't need charge stations everywhere because EVs are for daily use, more 120V at the airport. She's also running for House in the 36th District.

Tonia Buell from West Coast Electric Highway (WSDOT) is presenting the construction under way on our DC fast charge stations near the highway spread out along I-5 and going east from Seattle. (The EV Project is covering the metropolitan areas of Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, so West Coast Electric Highway is designed to fill in the areas in between). They started out a while ago with an idea and it's now coming to fruition.

The Bookmans Spring Thaw" EV Drag Races in Tucson are coming This week end ( April 14th, ) All the big names in EV racing will be there. At least a half Dozen SEVA folk will be attending. See

Our Membership guy, John Mark, pitched EAA membership to no less than a dozen NEW members in the crowd. President Steve then took up the subject of passing out invitations to attend and join SEVA to folks we see with EV's on the street. It is a 3-page invitation to include thanking folks for owning an EV, and second, our standard tri-fold SEVA info hand out, and third, an application to join the EAA. If all this works as planned, we may REGAIN the honor of being the Largest EAA Chapter once again. Also several folks took a pile of these hand-outs to be placed at EV Dealers, in hopes that they would in turn give them out to their new EV Customers at their point of delivery.

While talking about the EAA and the CURENT EV-ents magazine it was mentioned that our very own Jeff Finn's was featured on the front page of this months magazine for his work on EV politics and laws.

Stephen Johnsen, Roger Swearingen, and Jeff Finn went down to Olympia to speak against the yearly $100 EV charge (unsuccessfully, sadly). There are a bunch of charge stations near the capital. There is a DC fast-charge station, but is not accessible to mere citizens. The whole trip was made electrically!

The SEVA Members Map which Jay Donaway created is filling in nicely. We count 32 members who have put their little Blue Dot on the map. Looks like about a 3 to 1 ratio on folks Seattle and North, to folks Seattle and South. Everyone is encouraged to go to the site, put a blue Dot close to their location and be counted. Only takes a minute. Here is a ( Tiny URL) to lead you to the Google Map Web Site: ( )

Several members had bought raffle tickets from the folks at Garfield High school. Alas, one of the pareants of a Garfield Student won the new Nissan Leaf at their drawing March 30th.

President Steve, and Jeff Finn, and Tom True attended a Charging Station ceremony at the GSA headquarters in Auburn Washington earlier last month, and gave folks rides, and EV Information.

FIVE of our SEVA folks will be attending the big EVS-26 in Los Angeles May 6th - 9th. Tom Saxton will actually be submitting a report. President Steve will be going, and VP Stephen reminded us that if you don't want to pay the $900+ for the whole conference, there are one day passes to observe all the exhibits, and the Ride-N-Drive area for a very small fee. Check it out at: ( )

This is Earth Month, as most of you know, and there are just too many EV-ents to write up here. Chad Shwitters has done a very nice job of POSTING on the SEVA e-mail list the activities, and we will try and UP-Date the EVents calendar on our web site as well.

Thanks again for all who attended, and made this such a GREAT Spring Meeting. And as always, if anyone feels we have left out something important, you are encouraged to POST a correction or addition.

See you all next month, May 8th

Second Tuesday, as always

Stephen Johnson will be standing in for Pres. Steve.. President Steve will be in L.A. at the EVS-26 Convention.

Cory, Steve, and Stephen