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SEVA meetings are held every second Tuesday.

EVents 2007 01 09

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Our monthly meetings are held at the Church of the Nazarene above the Mosaic Community Coffee House.

Join us at our SEVA Meetings

Unless otherwise posted here, or sent out over the SEVA Maillist each Monthly Meeting is Held on the Evening of the Second Tuesday of each Month commencing at 7 p.m. or there about. Meetings are held at the Church of the Nazarene at 44th St. NE, and 3rd Ave NE, just behind Dicks Drive In on 45th. Their fire damage has been repaired, and they welcome us back. We encourage visitors and members to help support this free venue with the purchase of some fine coffee and other refreshments downstairs at the Mosaic Community Coffee House.

January 9th 2007 Meeting

I know I ALWAYS say we had a Great Meeting. But WE DID !!!

I especially enjoy milling around the various break-out groups which form around various factions after the main business of introductions and monthly business are done. EV racing here, Battery Management there. And on and on…

We had over 20 folks show up on this cold January night. I think it was over 5 folks were relatively new comers. Thanks William, James, Leonard, Greg, and Livia..

The new GM Chevy VOLT took up a lot of discussion. Some hopeful, some saying it was just another GM Promise which will not be fulfilled.

Our club has been invited to hold its next meeting ( Feb 13 ) at Pacific Power Battery in Everett, thanks to their CEO – Steve Ahmann. Formal approval to follow, but our membership voted A-OK. Steve is close to the Jr. Colleges up north, and sees SEVA helping with the teaching and the preaching for Electric Cars. I’ve already volunteered. We will let you know of our change of venue is a GO.

Stephen Bernheim, our member with the yellow Sparrow, is active in city politics in Edmonds and if all goes well, will be putting forward a proposal for PHEV’s on Jan. 23rd. He would like any SEVA members who can make it to come and testify. My hat is in the Ring.. Details to follow.

I was honored to do yet another Radio Interview on Electric Cars for AM-1090 recently. I have been told by their Public Affairs person, Tami Kosch, that the interview will Air on Sunday morning Jan. 21st at 7 to 8 am. After that it will be up on their Web Site for the whole World to hear…

I reported on a wonderful phone conversation I had Monday Evening with Ron Freund, the Chairman of the Board for the Electric Auto Association. He’s a great guy, doing wonderful volunteer work at the National Level for us all. He encourages any and all members who can afford the trip to fly out to Florida on the 26th and 27th for the 6th annual EAA National Conference of Chapters, and to take in the Electric Drag Races “Battery Beach Burnout” Check out the Florida Chapter Web Site for details At:

As you know our member Dave Cloud has done dozens of Geo Metro conversions. All with just a few metric wrenches. He is now doing an older Saturn sedan, and he says there is a terrible mixture of SAE and Metric, which has added DAYS to the conversion process. So “Converters be Ware” If your going to do a Saturn, have several sets of wrenches and sockets…

Many stories about batteries and inverters and generators saving the Day during our big wind storm.

Rich Rudmand and John Lussmyer both made it over to the meeting from the West side of the Pond. Rich is trying to catch up on Charger and Bat.Regulator orders, while simultaneously working on Toyota Prius PHEV # 4 for our very own Kent Bakke and a very nice SET of Li-Ion Batteries. This is a conversion we would all like to have…

Couple of Dates for you Early-Birds who have time and money enough to flit round the country from EV Convention to EV Convention:

  • EVents 2007 04 01-04 - Alternative Fuels & Vehicles – Conference and Expo April 1-4, 2007 Anaheim California. Full Registration $649.
  • EVents 2007 12 02-05 - EVS-23 December 2-5 2007 Anaheim California. This is the BIG ONE put on by the

Electric Drive Transportation Association. Cost for all the meetings, Ride-n-Drive, and cocktail parties? $750.

Also wish to thank Rodrick Wilde and Dave O’Neal for getting more EV Video footage up on the Web this last week. And also our Sec.Tres John Frost for getting it all together for the 2007 SEVA Calendars, even though most of the photographs had to come from non-members this year for lack of input… And on this one, I am as guilty as the next person… Perhaps at Gasless on Greenwood 2007 I can shoot at least 10 or 12 High Res pictures for the 2008 calendar…

Stay tuned, for up-dates on the Location of our Feb. 13 meeting. It may be in Everett.