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EVents 2006 03 14

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Our monthly meetings are held at the Church of the Nazarene above the Mosaic Community Coffee House.

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Unless otherwise posted here, or sent out over the SEVA Maillist each Monthly Meeting is Held on the Evening of the Second Tuesday of each Month commencing at 7 p.m. or there about. Meetings are held at the Church of the Nazarene at 44th St. NE, and 3rd Ave NE, just behind Dicks Drive In on 45th. Their fire damage has been repaired, and they welcome us back. We encourage visitors and members to help support this free venue with the purchase of some fine coffee and other refreshments downstairs at the Mosaic Community Coffee House.

March 14th 2006 Minutes

For a Cold March EVening... it was Excellent ! We had 21 folks show up, and more than that, several new faces: Steven from Brooklyn NY, an Engineer, originally from Russia, and Dana ( or was it doug..) who has just acquired a Factory Built Ford Ranger AC EV ! Welcome !

We had a LOT of topics to cover, so I jumped right IN.

MC Mechine/Electric has a position OPEN for an EV Mechanic/Technician - Calling All Un-Employed EV'ers !!

Ryan Fulcher's PRIUS has been chosen to be the subject of an Earth-Day-Weekend CONVERSION at the Maker Fair in San Francisco. I hope to tag along and be our videographer / Student. And as SOON as he gets back to Seattle, the UW is having their 100th Birthday of the School of Electrical Engineering, and has invited him to Show-n-Tell. Felix Kramer of CalCars has suggested that our PR efforts should even be broader when he returns. I will be working towards that....for sure!

Chuck Lyford ( of Electric Lazy Boy Chair Fame ) needs a new controller for his E-Chair. Unfortunately, seems he needs the chair to get around following some kind of injury. After we FIX his chair, hope he can again Park it soon...and make a full recovery.

Greenwood Hot Rod Show IS ON for 2006. The DATE is Saturday June 24th. Mark your calendars. I would like to see us pull more vehicles from the South (Oregon) and north ( Vancouver BC) perhaps with a little help from our treasury $$ for Traveling Money...

Bruce Sherry had a Working Model of Rich Rudmans MK-3 Battery Charging Regulators for show-n-tell. Sounds like they have lots of orders, and production just has to catch up with DEMAND for these very useful EV Gizmos.

Don (Father Time) and Dave Cloud TRIED to explain the many political things going on in the NEDRA back yard. Sounds like a real mess right now. Hope that the likes of Don, Dave, Rodric, and John Wayland can prevail... IMHO

OT - But Charley Hukeby, a City Light guy, said that Puget Power is reducing Line Voltage from 120 to 117, and that City Light will probably do the same ---soon. Some kind of Vodo Economic SAVINGS plan I think.

Jon Pullen stopped by. A busy guy. Said he has bought a whole set of very fancy NiCad batteries from SAFT to up-grade his Honda. Says he has a hand full of the Zinc batteries he was using UP for grabs for any one who wants to take them off his hands. Some good some NOT.

The Sierra Club is having a BIG community meeting at Bellevue Com. College this Saturday, March 18th, 9 am to 5 pm... on Global Warming and what we can do... I am in the process of TRYING to get my self on the "Speakers List" After all... Transportation is a big component of CO2.. Stay tuned to see if they take me up on my offer to Speak...

Next meeting if not otherwise announced, will be at the same place, same time, April 11th. Till then.. Keep on EVeeee-ing. -- Steven S. Lough, Pres.