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EVents/2006 04 10

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Monster Garage

As President I here by declair that we will be meeting at Fremont Dock at 1102 N 34th for the April 10th meeting, and the viewing of "Monster Garage".... which is on the North Shore of Lak e Union, just slightly west of the Foot of Stone Way... So THERE !!! "Let the Word Go Out So All May Know... that whereever two or more of us shall meet, so I shall BE With You...." ( hope that's not too Biblical )

Post EVent Report

Per SEVA_Maillist:2006./4./42 Roy LeMeur - MG Premiere Party Report

A good time was had by all. The Madman was definitely in his element, as the star of the show. (at least in our group he was :^D ) Ken Trough drove down from Bellingham. (and did an audio interview with Rich after the show which I expect will be available -at- soon) Roderick Wilde _actually left his home_ in Port Townsend and came to Seattle. A rare event in itself. Many of the SEVA regulars showed up, including Don Crabtree and Dave Cloud. Steve Lough (our resident EVangelist and SEVA President) rode his escooter right into the place with a large "SEVA" sign to put up. We essentially took over the small bar, and during the show, the entire place became quiet and everyone seemed to be devoting their full attention to the show. It helped that we had Rich there in full animation mode. The locals were certainly doing a double-take between the TV screen and Rich. Special thanks to Dave Barden for his efforts in nailing down the venue and getting them to accommodate us, (and for bringing his Honda 600 sedan EV converted into a mini-pickup, always a crowd pleaser) Also thanks to Shawn Lawless for kicking down some of the major components needed to make the build a reality (two Zilla 2Ks and in particular those two hard-to-come-by GE motors). Some might say that those were well-spent advertising dollars. IIRC, they said that total cash outlay for the build was around $7K, kick-downs were in the $85K range. (This includes the Milwaukee Tool Co. V-28 batteries and chargers and all the give-aways to the build team)