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(Space Elevator)
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==Space Elevator==
==Space Elevator==
Hay, It's Electric! -
Hay, It's Electric! -
Enginering away CO2 -,20967,1075786,00.html
Ya, Right, What a Joke, How about this '''Don't convert stuff into CO2 to begin with!'''

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This is my User Page!

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Online Resources

Prius Logs

I purchased a new 2005 Prius Pachage1 on the same day Toyota agreed to sell their RAV4 EVs, July 14th 2005!

Mileage Logs

Miles Gallons Mileage
259.0 4.911 52.7
478.8 10.690 44.7
409.5 9.618 42.5
374.7 7.785 48.1
275.7 7.420 37.1
248.4 5.499 45.1
351.9 7.670 45.8
433.4 8.186 52.9

Prius Plus

Insight MIMA

MIMA is Manual IMA (Intigrated Motor Assist) for Honda Hybrid vehicles.


Hydrogen-Electrolosys Fireplace -

Requires 220vac @ 60A = 13kW and 1/2 Gallon per hour.
Produces 31,000 btu/hour of heat.

Space Elevator

Hay, It's Electric! -


Enginering away CO2 -,20967,1075786,00.html

Ya, Right, What a Joke, How about this Don't convert stuff into CO2 to begin with!