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Other Electric car info on and off the web All the EV knowledge in the world, resides within these LINKS

Electric Auto Association

The EAA has been promoting EVs since 1967. There are chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada. There are individual members world wide. Their goals are to inform the public, advance technology, share ideas and information, encourage competition, print and distribute a monthly news letter, an annual buyers guide, and to represent the EV community as it interfaces with industry and government. Annual dues are $39 in the US, of which a proportion goes to your nearest local chapter or EV club. To join visit Join the EAA There toll free number for information on your nearest chapter is 1-800-537-2882 or visit them online at Now: There monthly newsletter, Current EV-ents is worth the $39 alone. AND its Tax Deductible !!

Electric Vehicle Discussion List


YOUR DAILY DOSE OF EV NEWS FROM ROUND THE WORLD This is not a link. You must SUBSCRIBE to this news group, Then the NEWS comes to you in the form of E-Mail. It probably has over 900 subscribers world wide by now. World wide EV news can't get any hotter than this with dozens of member / subscribers combing the news wires and news papers every day for EV Tid-Bits to post. Hundreds of EV hobbyists, and professional builders and engineers alike read and contribute their own posts daily. YOU can too !!
Go to their new Web Site for full instructions at:

They also have an ARCIVE where you can type in a subject, and retrieve ALL the POSTS dealing with THAT subject going back years... AT:

Electric Vehicle Photo Album

The Electric Vehicle Photo Album Hundreds of EVs of ALL kinds, categorized by MAKE With Info on each, and how to contact their Owners/Builders if you wish info on a similar car yourself Thanks to Mike Chancey

The Electric Vehicle Trading Post : A great place to POST an  EV item for sale, or Go Shopping for a Good Used EV

Encyclopedic amount of EV links all on one page here-

Educational outreach

  • B*E*S*T is a group of volunteer engineers and teachers who are promoting science, math, and life skills for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students (who think they're just having fun building things!).

EV Club Web Pages

Personal EV Web Pages

EV Manufacturers

EV Parts Sources

EVs For Sale

Misc. EV Information Sites

If you have questions about EVs, these are the folks with the answers.

Our survey is at:

Southern Cal. Edison Electric Transportation NEW. web site. - "Nostalgia for the Future" This new site is very well done, and very helpful for those of you in California who wish to shop for a new EV from the GM's and HONDA's of the world. $$$

A very fine environmental Web site with a great "daily Feed" of environmental news can be found at EnviroLink at:

The European Electric Vehicle Connection: - AVERE (European Electric Road Vehicle Association) Actually the acronym is in French:Association du Véhicule Electric Routier Européen.

Visit the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association on the Web at - Cloud Electric Racing: World record holders, Car conversions, racing boats, Electrathons, "We can engineer almost ANYTHING to run on clean electric energy". In the Greater Seattle Area. (Members of SEVA) Seattle EV Assoc. - The ALTERNATIVE FUELED VEHICLE List This is the BIGGEST, LARGEST, MOST COMPREHENSIVE list of EV and ALT Fuel Vehicle SITES I have ever seen !! If you cant find what your LOOKING FOR here, it does not exist !!! - Chip Gribben's VERY PROFESSIONAL EV Web Site Wonderful graphics - Good Data Base, and Web Links - A very Fine EV resource. California Energy Commission - Internet Web Site Keep Up-To-Date on the State who brought you the ZEV Mandate
Many Other Electric Car and Environmental Web Links. This is an "AWARD WINNING WEB SITE". Especially good for school children. It is very interactive.

Electric Go-Kart SITES : Try or or or or

The NEW Mid-America EAA web page at: ..For all you folks in the Great Mid West who would like to drive ELECTRICALLY

Electro Automotive Conversions ....Since 1979 In No. California

POB 1113, Felton, CA 95018 (408) 429-1989 Kits * Components * Books - National Station Car Association's Info Pages Station cars will become a mobility system including battery-powered cars for access to mass transit stations. - Electric Boat connection: Compliments of James M. Graham III Everything you would like to know about E-Boats, clubs, races, solar boats, etc. Lotts of good E-Boat links too. - Visit Electric Bikes Northwest

A vibrant local co-op of Seattle EV Members. They have banned together to form a viable business of building, selling new and used electric cars, and servicing electric vehicles and electric vehicle components. Their show room is at 110 No. 36th (northwest of Freemont on the way to Balard) Seattle, WA 98103 Phone (206) 547-4621 E-Mail: - New HONDA Del-Sol Conversion Project - All Done!

Check in on Jeremy Phillips, renowned EV racer, as he CONVERTS his new Honda Del-Sol to ELECTRIC. Look over his shoulder, and check-up on his day-to-day, and week-to-week progress. One of the nicest EVs in all of San Diego. The project is now complete, but this chronicle is priceless. Also check out his EcoParts section for those shopping for parts and kits. - Electric Car Association of Great Britain NEW

Join the UK Electric Car Association! 28 pounds per annum Payment in Sterling only. 35 pounds overseas ECA Subscriptions, Blue Lias House, Station Road, Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset, TA3 6SQ, UK. Tell 'em who sent you!

In Vancouver B.C. Canada it's: - Canadian Electric Vehicles, Ltd.

  • PO, Box 616, 1184 Middlegate Rd.
  • Errington, British Columbia,
  • Canada, V0R 1V0
  • Phone: (250) 954-2230
  • Fax:(250) 954-2235
  • Website:"
  • Email:
  • Manufactures of:

EV conversion Kits and components Very active EV business. thanks to Randy Holmquist, and others in British Columbia CANADA - The San Diego Electric Auto Co For those of you Down in Southern Cal, Check this site OUT. Its ELECTRIFYING !!! - EV Parts -Specialty Electric Conversions Electric Street Rods, 4 x 4's, Electric Drag Racing, and more. If speed is your thing, check these "Wild and Crazy guys" out !! HOME OF THE QUICKEST STREET LEGAL EV ON EARTH (9/98) - The ZAP ELECTRIC BIKE Power Systems Fun and Affordable Electric Assisted Bicycles. A very nice WEB SITE

http://www.charger.coim/index.html - The CHARGER ELECTRIC BIKE by GT Bicycles, Inc. and AeroVironment, Inc.

The - "Sparrow" Personal size Electric Vehicle A very interesting 3 wheel NEV (Neighborhood electric vehicle) - Matt's Solar Car Pages Solar Electric Racing and Solar Energy Resources

The Global Network of Environment and Technology - Click Here Very useful link to environmentally aware business.

The - TROPICA from Renaissance to ZEBRA MOTORS of CALIFORNIA Our favorite open EV sports car, now available from the re-constituted Zebra Motors of California. - The EAA Calendar of ELECTRIC CAR EVENTS A month-by-month CALANDER OF EVENTS, with an entry system for your convenience

Seattle Electric Vehicle Association - (SEVA)
The Seattle EV Association was founded back in the late 70s by engineers, hobbyists, and environmentalists, who wanted to band together to share information, and help promote and build electric cars. There monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Locations can change from Month to Month. CHECK our web site for the location for any particular Month. It's a great place to network and get a feel for electric cars. Every one is welcome. By joining officially for $39. A year, you receive the EAA News letter, Current EVents, and are put on our e-mail mailing list if you wish. We are a non-profit organization under the EAA. Our - NEW WEB SITE can be reached by clicking on this .

Non-Internet resources: Local and National


Excellent EV resource group for any one in the states bordering the Great Lakes.

  • Bi Monthly News magazine. Individual Membership: $30 /year
  • Call 614-899-6263 Mr. Lary Dussalt, for Information. E-Mail:
  • Or write to : GLEAA, 568 Braxton Place East, Westerville, OH., 43081-3019

EV Rental Agencies