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S E V A - N e w s ( Last UP-Date Januyary 10th, 2007) A NEW PAGE dedicated to the proposition of fast breaking NEWS from our SEVA friends here and around the World

==Heads UP Seattle - Radio Interview== January 21st, 2007

Another Radio Interview comming UP.

 Sunday Morning, 7 am to 8 am on AM 1090

Our President Steve was honored to do yet another Radio Interview on Electric Cars for AM-1090 recently. We have been told by their Public Affairs person, Tami Kosch, that the interview will Air on Sunday morning Jan. 21st at 7 to 8 am. After that it will be up on their Web Site for the whole World to hear…

Political Movement

Our member Stephen Bernheim is active in City Politics in Edmonds, and is on board for January 23rd to propose PHEV legislation for Edmonds City Council. Any and all SEVA members are welcome to come and support this.

Ddates to set aside

Couple of Dates for you Early-Birds who have time and money enough to flit round the country from EV Convention to EV Convention:

Alternative Fuels & Vehicles – Conference and Expo April 1-4, 2007 Anaheim California. Full Registration $649.

EVS-23 December 2-5 2007 Anaheim California. This is the BIG ONE put on by the Electric Drive Transportation Association. Cost for all the meetings, Ride-n-Drive, and cocktail parties? $750.

In the recent PAST

Great Radio Interview, coming up on Sunday, Fathers day, on 4 of the 5 Sandusky Radio Network stations. It was the BEST radio interview I have had in 20 years!!Covered everything from EV Car Racing, Conversions, FOOL cells, Plug in Hybrids, and why my Son will not convert his Red Mustang to ELECTRIC Fathers Day Morning June 19th. A little early... Well A LOT EARLY... But what the hay.... Here are the call signs, times, and frequencies:

on KLSY (Klassy !) 92.5 FM at 5 a.m. on KIXI 880 AM, at 5:30 a.m. on KWJZ (Cool Jazz) on 98.9 FM at 6 a.m. and on KKNW 1150 AM, at 7 a.m.

And Here Small (7.5 Meg) is where Ryan, our WEB GURU will let you click and down load the interview in MP3 for those of you who do not get UP that early in the morning:

SEVA and FlexCar

It's official ! The FlexCar chapter in Seattle, is giving special membership and discounts to any one in the Seattle EV Association driving/owning an Electric Vehicle or a Neighborhood EV !

I think this is a marriage made in EV Heaven. Here is how it works. An EV owner/user signs up, takes a $50 discount, and drives to any one of many FlexCar parking lots round Seattle. Park your EV, pick up your Honda, or even a few Honda Hybrids, and drive your 50 100 150 mile trip. Some FlexCar pick-up points will even allow you to charge your 20 to 40 mile/per/charge EV while you make your 100, 200 mile trip.

I know there are other FlexCar outlets in Portland OR. and I think San Francisco too. Our local manager, Tracy Carroll, one of the original FlexCar founders, should spread the concept to their other outlets.

Here below is a Press-Release-announcement I sent to our local NPR Radio station (KUOW ) here in Seattle, a few days ago:

"The Seattle EV Association and FlexCar have teamed up to offer a winning combination to folks who wish to own an EV but often need a vehicle to go a greater distance. Special FlexCar membership discounts, as well as free parking at FlexCar pick-up locations have been offered to any SEVA member owning and operating an EV or NEV. Also in some FlexCar locations modest Re-Charging facilities may be offered as well, thereby greatly enhancing the operating characteristics of EV ownership."

AS a follow up to this, Tracy has a FlexCar customer who works at another NPR station here in the Seattle area ( KEXP 90.3 Mhz ) and Tracy and I will be interviewed on the 25th on the above subject for a program which will be aired on their local program "Sustain ability" on the 28th or 29th...(not sure)