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==Other Community Portals===
==Other Community Portals==
* - Our own little SEVA Mail list.
* - Our own little SEVA Mail list.

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Someday this page may look similar to this WikiPedia:Wikipedia:Community_Portal

Untill then, check the Current events page for both upcomming and past EVents.

Perhaps this would be a good place for a list of maillists and interactive message boards and such!? Perhaps something like this...


<calendar> name=EVents view=month weekstart=7 </calendar>

<calendar> name=EVents view=month weekstart=7 date="+1 month" </calendar>

<calendar> name=EVents view=month weekstart=7 date="+2 month" </calendar>

<calendar> name=EVents view=month weekstart=7 date="+3 month" </calendar>

Other Community Portals