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E-mail : stevenslough (at) comcast (dot) net
E-mail : stevenslough (at) comcast (dot) net
SEVA Webmaster:
SEVA Webmaster:
Ryan Fulcher
Ryan Fulcher

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SEVA President: Steven Lough 6021 32nd Ave NE. Seattle, WA. 98115-7230 (voice) 206-524-1351 (fax) 206-526-5348 (dat) 206-850-8535 E-mail : stevenslough (at) comcast (dot) net

User:Rjf SEVA Webmaster: Ryan Fulcher E-mail : rjf (at) seattleeva (dot) org

Eric Sundin 4506 Bagley Ave. No Seattle, WA 98103 0263 WK: Electric Bikes Northwest 110 No. 36th. Ave. Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 547-4621 E-Mail: evsnw(at) WEB Site:

Dave Cloud Racing Woodinville Wa. E-mail: cloudevolt(at) World record holders, Car conversions, racing boats, Electrathons

Rich Rudmund His business, Rudmund battery charging regulators and MONSTER Controllers E-Mail: WEB site:

Victor Munoz E-Mail: vmunoz2(at)

Don Crabtree , Electric Boat Racing, and Electric Motor Cycle Racing E-Mail: crabtrdw(at)EARTHLINK.NET

John Frost, and his RED E-914 Porsche E-Mail: jfrost2002(at)

Jim Waite, and his beautiful E-BMW E-Mail: ajbattcar(at)

Don Meyer, EE and Member of SEVA since the early 80s E-Mail: dhmeng(at)

Roy LeMeur: Local Rep. for Wilde-EVolutions, and EV Parts, Inc of Lynwood, WA. Home: 206-789-7799 Work 1-888-387-2787 or 1-425-672-7977 E-mail: roylemeur(at)

Newls Strndberg: Mechinist of EV Parts Phone: 259 856-1940 e-mail: nels65(at)

Bruce Sherry: EE Engineer and Programer of EV Instruments Phone: 206-909-3409 e-mail: brucesherry(at)

Rich Rudman: EE Engineer, Builder of EV Chargers, and Battery Management Manzanita Micro Phone: 360-297-7383 e-mail: rmanzan(at)