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Meetings Minutes 2005

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Unless otherwise POSTED, or sent out over the SEVA maillist each Monthly Meeting is Held on the Evening of the Second Tuesday of each Month commencing at 7 p.m. or there about.

For the New Comers, the address IS: 
Chuck Benson 
4310 Thackary Place. 
Seattle, Wa
(206) 633 1098 

Generally, take the 45th St. Exit off of I-5, from either the north or south. Go WEST on 45th St, till you see the Winchels Donut shop. That is Thackerary Place. Turn SOUTH and go down aprox two blocks to 4310. Its a modest house on the East side of the Street. We are meting in the house on the South Side of his alley-drive-way.

September 13th Meeting

BOY ! What a great meeting. Over 25 folks showed up. 4 or 5 NEW COMERS... which is always GREAT.

Main topics discussed. The Lazy Boy Chair Races, and Woodburn Drags.

Our special guest for the evening, Chuck Lyford and his wife. For decades, Chuck has been involved with most all kind of racing. Airplanes, Hydros, and Auto Road Racing. His Roladex is crammed full of famous people, from astronauts to world land speed record holders. The following clarifications came out of his visit:

  • There are so far 7 electric Lazy Boy chairs which will compete.
  • The track and Pacific Race Way, will open at 8 am Saturday 9/24/05
  • We proceed to the pay gate, Park your vehicle outside the tool Gates, walk to the Ticket Sales building about 300 ft. on the right, Merely tell the attendant folks .."We are with the Chuck Lyford Team..with Race Group ZERROW." That's IT.. Sign a WAIVER, Get a Rist Band, and we are IN FREE. No reasonable limit on our SEVA members or guests.
    • Update : (its not on the far left... ) When you aproach the ticket booths, park your car, and walk forward about 300 feet to a small building where tickets are sold. Here you merely STATE " We are with Group "0" Racing with Chuck Lyford Team" You will sign a waiver, get a wrist band, and THAT'S IT ! In FREE. Proceed to the far EAST end of the race course down by the Gas Pumps ( ? ) And that is where the E-Chairs will gather... I will probably be out there round 8:30 am to help folks find there way IN....
  • Our part of the full day of auto racing ( over 100 vintage race cars..) will be between 12 noon and 1 pm. The course will be laid out with traffic cones. Each chair will get a practice run, and then a TIMED run through the course, for your score. After that, all the chairs will line up on the Drag Strip for a short Drag-Shoot-Out for MAX acceleration. (Probably an 8th of a mile. ) Then trophies, $1000 in prize money, and a barbecue. Because of the short duration, battery charging will probably not be necessary, but some charging facilities will be available, and some portable generators .

Chucks wife has been very active in fund raising for Children's Hospital in conjunction with their auto racing association. It has brought them TONS of publicity and raised a lot of money for the Hospital AND their club. They suggested we think seriously about a similar alliance. She said she would help us create Fund raising Guild. THEN any EVent we have, the Hospital JUMPS IN with GOBS of Publicity...

Dave Cloud, Father Time, and Roy LeMeure talked about all the racing down at Woodburn and Portland. Dave's Multi-ETek Chopped Geo Metro did very well using very OLD $10. batteries. We will see more of this car.

Roy mentioned a bicycle HUB MOTOR he saw at "Plasma Boy's" house, which propelled a mountain bike to near 40 mph !! We need to know where that comes from... Roy LeMeur sent in an update "The bike was actually propelled closer to 55 mph. We all were yelling "Brakes" at the same time :^D"

If any one has questions about the Chair Races, just call me...

Ryan Fulcher brought a statistical report on how many folks are contacting OUR SEVA WEB Site... I was surprised to know that the monthly average is in the Tens of THOUSANDS !! This is GOOD.

Ken Trough has done a good job of encapsulating the FACTS... I have a bad habit of being too wordy... Here is HIS Outline:

  • Electric Lazy-Boy Recliner Races being held on 9/24/05 in Kent, WA.
  • The event will be held at Pacific International Raceway. Gates open at 8AM.
  • The Electric Lazyboy races will occur during half time of the Sovren Vintage Races that are happening that day. *Participation in the electric lazyboy race gets you free admission to the track. Spectators are charged $8 for admission. $1000 prize purse is up for grabs!!
  • Rules:
  • Recliners to be no wider than 48” and no longer than 8 feet. Total battery weight is limited to 200 lbs. You should use some kind of chair that looks like a Lazy-Boy Recliner.
  • These rules are already being stretched as one competitor is using an ejection seat from a Navy jet!
  • Competitors include some famous names in racing.
  • Here are a couple of photos:
  • http:/
  • http:/

-Ken Trough

Also see the Current events page.

I am sure our October meeting will again be at Chuck Benson's house. Check our Web Site For Details.

August 9th Meeting

BOY !!! What FUN ! Electric Lazy-Boy Chairs RULE !! At least the prototype that Dave Cloud brought to the meeting. Dual Motors, one for each rear wheel, individually controlled. Individual Disc Brakes. A good 40 to 50 mph. I got to drive it first and got the disc breaks so hot, that Dave said they were RED HOT. Handling is precise, but using the left/right steering sticks takes some getting used to. Many others took a spin to, but Ryan Fulcher really put the vehicle through its paces. Breaking with one rear wheel, and full power to the other makes for some TIGHT TURNS. Can't wait till Chip Hannauer gets behind... NO Sits DOWN in the Lazy-Boy on this Bad BOY !!

Have had talks with the powers-that-be and the rules for the E-chairs remains about the same. No more than 200 lbs of batteries, No larger than 8'long, by 4' wide. Clarification on the "CHAIR" it DOES have to be a LAZY-BOY type recliner. Other than that, helmet, seat belt (optional use) everything remains the same. The course will be a Go-Kart type. And there will be some kind of acceleration contest as well. BIG trophies for Win-Place-and Show... The dates are September 24th and 25th, out at Pacific Raceway (east of Kent ) old SIR Race Way.

Other National Electric Drag Racing Assoc (NEDRA) NEWS... Woodburn is coming, and John Wayland wants all to come two days early to PIR (Portland Intl Raceway) for Friday Night Drags on Sept. 2nd, and then stick round till Sunday the 4th for Woodburn Nationals...

THEN: Don "Father Time" Crabtree is organizing a Pot-Luck Picnic at his place in Burien on the 21st of September.

John Lussmyer has also invited folks back to his Digs on Whidbey for Fence building. John also brought a sample of his "Low Battery monitoring module" It can scan up to 10 batteries, and lets you know by sound and/or blinking lights, when a battery ( or cell ) has fallen below your pre-set threshold. Pretty Cool, and only $25 bucks.

John Frost reminds us all to submit color digital pictures of our favorite EVs for the 2006 SEVA calandar.

Ryan Fulcher our WEB Guy, encourages us to "Check OUT" our new WiKi-Version of our web page. ( its kind of a shadow reflection of our regular web page ) One can submit things to it. Make up pages and articles of your own to it, and he says it is so simple that you don't have to know about programing, or HTML code to DO it.... He also has a cool NEW Toyota Prius, which he has already MODIFIED with the "E" button to force e-drive... Its so COOL to drive a beautiful new car like that on E-Drive only ( if only for a few miles, and UP-TO 35 mph )

We had several New Visitors, and an old member, Tony Licuanan, who we had not seen for some time..

Guess the NEXT meeting will be AFTER Woodburn, with LOTS of stories to tell, on Sep. 13th. Same time same place..

July 12th Meeting

Very Nice EVening... Although we had 18 folks show up, and we missed Dave Cloud, Alastar Dodwell, Rich Rudman, Greg Rock, and others... we did get a lot done.

We talked about John Frost reminding us of the Eco-Fair on Vashon Island on August 5,6,7 Open invitiation for EVs and old hippies....

We talked about Bruce Meland and the publishing of our old poster "Gasless in Seattle" which was a re-make of the Sleepless in Seattle movie poster from 1995. We let Bruce know that we didn't need any "Credit" for such a creation ...after all. (don't want to get Meg Ryan, or Tom Hanks lawyers riled up...)

We talked about Honda's new generation of hybrids coming in 2006,07 which will operate more like Toyotas system, i.e. electric ONLY at slow speeds.

We mentioned that Alastar has a used GEM for sale, for $4000.

John Lussmyer brought a NiCad cell, one of over 100 he bought, and is going to install in his Sparrow.

Our resident Auto Writer, Terry Parkhusrst brought a brand-new Honda Accord Hybrid for show-n-tell. BOY was it FAST, nice Leather interior too...Ya see... these do not have down-sized gas engines like the Insight. The big 3 ltr V6 stays, so the Electric Assist is like a turbo -BOOST...

But most of all... We got ALL excited about the Lazy-Boy Electric Chair Challenge Sep. 24, and 25 at Seattle Pacific Raceway, dubbed "Electric Lounger Race" Seems that Terry even saw a reference to the race in one of the prestigious local Collector Car papers. So this race is REAL ! Not to mention $1,000.00 to the winner... Our contact, Chuck Lyford, says that his friends Chip Hannauer, or Billy (the Kid) Schumacher, both famous Hydro Pilots, are "looking for a ride" as they say in the racing biz. I have to get with him and get more particulars on race course, voltage limits, current, etc. Obviously Dave Cloud, or Roy LeMeur, or Father Time could build a 70 mph E-Lazy-Boy... but that might not be what the organizers are looking for.

Next meeting should again be at Chucks place... directions remain the same...

June 14th Meeting

Sorry this is so brief. But most decussion was from Rich, and the really BIG Charger he brought. Our new member Greg Rock, from Green Car Company brought his 25 mph Tidal Force Bike, and gave us a good outline of their goals. We had a Japanese gentelmen from "Nanopulse " bring samples and data on the device, which I guess Rich has tried out on some tired batteries, with mixed results. He has also offered some substantial discounts to our members. Other than that it was discussion on "Gasless on Greenwood 2005" Below is a very well written account from John Wayland, which was sent to the EV Discussion List today ( 6/28/05) John's accout follows: ( I really could not improve on it )

Hello to All, It's early Monday morning, still trying to get the cobwebs out with my morning coffee andfemale cat still giving me a hard time for being away from her all weekend.This year's classic hotrod show in Seattle was even better than last year's show, andincluding my EV entry, I believe there were 12 hybrids and electrics on display. RyanFulcher returned in his Insight, and this year his hatch area was 'really' the audio-videoepicenter. He had a high definition, super clear and bright BIG flat screen display thatalso sported clean and loud audio, and with videos of Rod Wilde's Maniac Mazda smokingViper V10s, White Zombie running its front wheel lofting 12.99 against that 300+ hpMustang, and other NEDRA footage, there was a constant crowd of show goers absolutelystunned to see EVs doing such things...way cool, way effective! Dave Cloud showed up with a very interesting all white machine, something that started outas an economy sedan, I think a Metro? Dave had chopped its top, added a customfastback sloping rear end, and had gutted the thing down to 1000 lbs. In the rear, clearlyin view (I loved that part) through the windowless hatch (Lexan to be added as he gets itdone), were count 'em, three of the planned eight E-Tech motors, all with their own chaindrive to a fixed rear axle. I scanned the the drives' pulley sizes and made a quick guessat 3:50 ratio, which according to a surprised Dave Cloud, turned out to be right on themoney. Dave's planning on running the car in the M/C category, and if what I saw is anyindication, look for some new records to be set....using low voltage and wet cellbatteries! Was it pretty? Was it finished yet? Was it impressive?...absoulutely! Was it all Dave Cloud?...yes, classic Dave Cloud, but this time, he's running what will be recognized as a car. Sorry, I can't call this one acockroach. To Dave's shock, I really found his latest creation, very cool. Another cool EV was Kent Bakke's red VW Beetle with its big 'ol 9 inch ADC hanging in theback. I talked him into going against the grain and nosing his EV in (everyone else'smachine was backed in), so that show goers would stop and say..."Whoa!" upon seeing anunexpected big electric motor instead of the usual air cooled VW flat worked!All day long, that's exactly what happened, and I'd venture to say, his Beetle drew thebiggest crowd, this, over Dave's wild looking machine, over the outrageous Gone Postal,and over Blue Meanie.Speaking of Gone Postal, kudos to Rod Wilde, Tom True, and Madman Rudman for the hugeeffort to get this popular EV to the show...thanks guys. GP was staged directly in frontof Cheryl and I as we made the EV convoy as we trekked from our meeting place in a bigparking area at a local park to the Greenwood location, and what a view we had! Evenknowing the machine intimately, it's still very intimidating to see it rolling down thestreet, let alone having it right in front of you....twin 8 inch motors hanging down frombehind, not too unlike a bull strutting his stuff...use your imagination, folks. With Tomsporting his big straw hat in the left, and this crazed Madman at the right hand drivewheel, arms flailing as he never seemed to shut up....the combo of an over-the-top ridefilled with these two characters made for total entertainment from behind. Sorry, no onenoticed the two of us in our shiny Datsun....all eyes were on GP as we convoyed to theshow.Other EVs included Andrew Schwarz's red Mazda Miata, a cool convertible conversion thatshowed how an EV can be a fun open top way to get back and forth, John Marshall's in yourface yellow VW pickup conversion (I love the style of the Rabbit truck), Gary Longley'sFather Time created intense blue legend race car (another jaw dropper for show goers),Jamie Marshall's yellow Sparrow...who doesn't stop and inquire about one of these?....MarkJacobson's Dynasty 'IT' factory NEV from MC Electric car,and Green Car Co's Greg Rock brought a "Smart" car, all the way from California, from ZAP who looks to be their distributors. Last but never the least, Father Time arrived riding his latest motorcycle drag bike, sonof FrankenBike....a 12V motor jammed with 72 volts stuck to the ground via a monster reardrag slick. There were three Insight hybrids, two red, one silver. As usual, there were hundreds of gorgeous street rods, from a matched pair of impeccablehot orange colored Boss Mustangs ( (a Boss 302 and a Boss 429), to a pristinely builtpurple 36 Chev street rod, to Corvettes, to Ramblers, to Mini Coopers, to Datsunroadsters, to a metallic gold SS 396 El Camino, to a polished aluminum AC Cobra, toCamaros, to tricked out pickups, to a euro police car, to well, you get theidea...hundreds of exiting things to look at.....but, it was the EVs that seemed to havethe constant crowd. A big thank you has to go out to SEVA's prez, Steve Lough. Yes, I know others worked hardon this show too, but in my opinion, it's Steve who drives this club. After the show, we had the tradition of hanging out at the Lough's for a fun backyard barbecue. That's it for me. My wife and I had a great time again, thanks everyone. See Ya.......John Wayland

May 10th Meeting

Heeeeeees Back. President Steve that is. Not going to bore you with more stories of Spain, except to say there take on personal transportation makes sooooo much more sense. Lots of small to micro cars... Most running on more efficient Diesel. and a Bazillion Scooters and small motor-bikes. Even saw some semi-inclosed BMW super-scooters. And a few E-Scooters too....

I have forwarded to our Web Leader, Ryan Fulcher, a few pictures of some of the most unusual vehicles I saw in Spain, for him to add to our Photo Album at the SEVA Web Site. Check em...out.

Had a good turn out 18 folks showed up.

Most exciting news was from Alastar Dodwell, who as you know, has been working with Rick Woodbery, and Tango. Sounds like he is Number TWO man. Any way he gave a detailed report on the TANGO's progress in England at Prodrive. They are the race car folks who are RE-producing the car - by hand - but with an eye on producing at least 100 of them. And the FIRST PAYING CUSTOMER....? None other than the Actor George Clooney !!! That's right ! Of "Oceans Twelve" fame and others. ( I especially liked "Brothers Where Art Thou" ) The pictures of the car, and the workmanship looked FANTASTIC. We wish Rick, Alastar, and all best of luck. ( Wish I had a spare $85,000. )

Other news from the Lacy Alt Vehicle Show, and Electrathon races was good to hear.

And last but not least, to thank all the folks who participated in the Alt. Vehicle Show at Magnasun Park, and especially Dave Barden....

April 12th Meeting

Sorry: no minutes from the April 12th meeting.. but there are pictures and text from the EVent at Magnasun Park in the "Photo Album" section...

March 8th Meeting

Sorry for being so tardy with the report. Thank you Bruce Sherry for the great data sheet on the "Great Battery Load Test" I am still over heated from all the kilowatts which went up on the test ( just kidding)

Actually, I had an outline for the meeting which never got used.

We had 25 folks show up, but best of all 3 or 4 NEW members and friends. This is VERY GOOD. NEW BLood. New Car Projects ! Lets keep em happy. ( hope they all join our SEVA e-mail list )

MOST important: Some one must STEP UP to the plate and co-ordinate our involvement in the Earth Day celebrations and Alt. Vehicle Show-n-Tell at Magnuson Park on April 23rd. The Seattle Parks and Recreation Environmental Learning Center Unit is hosting an alternatively fueled vehicle rally at Warren G. Magnuson Park (formerly known as Sand Point) for earth month on Saturday, April 23rd from 10 am-2 pm. (Can you believe I will not be there !!! I will be in S P A I N !! and I didn't get round to telling everyone THAT at the MEETING !!!

Today, Friday 3/11, Steve Mayeda, of MC Electric and I drove down to Tacoma, to speak on EVs and NEVs to a group of 20 or so Fleet Operators from all over the state. Also showed them the video of Mazda-vs-Viper. They LOVED it. Many fleets have had a few electrics, like Ford Ranger EVs, and of course several Toyota Guy from City of Seattle said they have over 60 on order. Told them all about Prius + ( Plug in Hybrids ) And I think MC Electric got a lead on a NEV sale.

Anyway, S P A I N I will keep my eye open for EVs in Europe. You folks got to come up with my replacement for the April 12th meeting.

Keep me informed....

Feb. 8th Meeting

As reported by Bruce Sherry, in Steve Lough's Absence

At the February 8 SEVA meeting there were 17 attendees. Our President, Steve Lough was not in attendance. Both Dave Cloud and Rich Rudman were in attendance. Bruce Sherry brought bare PC boards for the next attempt at a Rudman Regulator MK3, and a new version of His Battery Manager for Electrathons. (Rich and I assembled the MK3's this afternoon) Bruce also told of his visit to Champs Karting to repair some of their fire breathing battery chargers. These things run on 480V 3 Phase, and charge their 48V go-karts at 100A!

There were plenty of rumors about Bill Dube' going to a big NHRA drag race in LasVegas, and breaking on his first run, and not getting a second.

Dave talked about using Rudman Regulator MK2's on a Sparrow he is working on, and there was lots of lively information flowing all about. I think some were drowning in the information, as it was getting a bit deep in spots. ;^)

That is about what I can remember,

Unless otherwise, the March 8th meeting will again be at Chuck Bensons house...

Bruce Sherry

January 11th Meeting

Golly !! 27 fellows showed up on a cold January night. 7 from Stephen Johnson's UW EV project. Lots of good questions. We welcome Ron, Ryan, John, Eric, Colin, Kick, Alex, Eric, and Tyler ...Steve you have a GREAT Team.

Thanks to John Frost, our treasurer, ..the New 2005 Calendars are IN and they are GREAT. Special price for members. Several $$ dollars BELOW our cost at $10. per copy. $15 to the General Public. C'mon Rich ! Write that BIG CHECK and pick up your dozen or so...

Kent Bakke brought in a very slick MetalNickleHydride battery pack, bout the size of 10 D-cells stacked in two rows. A special assembly for the hobby trade. It was a 12 v stack, and only weighed 3 lbs. 9 amp/hours.

Tracy Carroll of FlexCar stopped by to drop off the special $50. coupons for EV owners to use FlexCar. Any one interested in joining and taking advantage of this can drop me a line, and arrange to pick up the coupon.

Most of the meeting was taken up discussing various design considerations on the UW EV project with all the members of the team which came. It was great. Lots of give and take.

Father Time will be going down to Longview Wa. on the 22nd, to a Hot Rod Show.. Any one interested in going down with him, give Don Crabtree a call. They will be showing that blue 5/8 size track racing car.

One Idea came up round the February meeting. Meeting at the UW to see the car project. More on this later.

Terry Parkhurst, our resident freelance Auto Writer, is going to have possession of a NEW 2005 Ford Escape SUV Hybrid. This Sunday, ( 1/16/2005) if any one is interested, we could set up a meeting time-and-place for us all to check it out, and take a ride. Get back to me on this, and I will set it UP with Terry.

That is it for now... Unless otherwise, the Feb 8th meeting will be at the same time, same place...

Every one is welcome. One does not have to JOIN to come to the meetings, however by joining officially for $39. A year, you become a member of the National ELECTRIC AUTO ASSOCIATION and receive their news letter called Current EVents. The news letter alone is worth the annual dues, but we at SEVA receive in return a small portion of each EAA dues in our area of jurisdiction. We are a non-profit organization under the 501C3 umbrella of the EAA.