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EVents 2005 04 23 Daves

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Ryan, everyone,

Alternative Fuel Event Apr 23rd , 2005 Magnason Park/Sandpoint Naval Station.

The location was great the signage poor and though we were right next to the street the way in was convoluted with most the traffic headed to Audubon's annual plant sale. In spite of this the turnout was better than I expected but maybe I had low expectations. I'd like to hear what others thought.

Roy Don and I got there about the same time being the first ones there we more or less chose the layout by lining up under the trees alongside the road. Actually the bio-diesel semi and backhoe where there first. It worked out well all the electrics lined up to the south of him and all the bio-diesels to the north.

I had the honor and pleasure of showing off John Marshall's Trucklet. It's twin actually showed up a few minutes later with a little red swift (more on this later). After getting set up; the, table the fliers, the signage on Trucklet etc. I noticed an older gentleman in a baseball cap and red windbreaker with several colorful embroidered patches and logos which much to my later chagrin I didn't bother to look closely enough at to read. He was looking over Trucklet and reading one of the club flyers when I decided to engage him in conversation by asking him if "he was ready to go electric". He looked at me for a few seconds then calmly said "I helped start this club 30 years ago ( maybe it 25 I don't really remember) so I could enjoy giving the finger to every gas station I passed during the energy crisis of the 70's". Yup it was Ray. And much to my present chagrin I don't still know his last name but Steve Lough will know. We had a nice 5 minute conversation about the early days and his experience with the club and it was then that I took the time to notice the jacket with all the SEVA emblems and patches.

Like I said I thought we had a great turnout of spectators and participants alike. One individual, again I don't remember his name brought two EV's he had just recently acquired, a yellow VW pickup (twin to John's Trucklet) and a red Geo Metro (Swift?) originally converted and sold by EvsNW. When I introduced the owner to Dave Cloud, Dave instantly recognized the Metro as one of the conversions he had done in 1996. This car came with all the original paperwork including schematic, and who the car had been built for. Evidently the car had been sitting on a car dealer's lot for almost 2 years and he wanted just to get rid of it. It went on the auction block not running, and sold for $60!! The gentleman who brought it to the event paid the successful bidder $200 for it, replaced the 1 amp controller circuit fuse with a 10amp, charged up the battery pack and now has a running $10,000 EvsNW/Dave Cloud Metro Conversion!! His Trucklet Twin by the way is for sale for $2500. It has a 9inch motor and 15 8volt batteries. I think Dave C said this was one of his conversions also.

It was great to see such a good turnout from SEVA, Don "Father Time" Crabtree brought his 72volt medium sized drag bike. Roy Lemeur brought a fold up E-bike, at least 4 motors, several controllers, and signage for a nice display of components and information. The MCEV guys were there with what looked like a good representation of their entire line-up of NEVs, GEMs, and dump truck. Alas no Tango. Tracy Carrol brought a coupla hybrids. Dave Cloud brought one of his Metros. Chris Stanley brought his Sparrow from Bainbridge Island. Vladamir brought the front half of his solar powered trike and like the energizer bunny it kept going and going once he got the controller working again. But I never did find out who brought the Segway that was posing a hood ornament for the bio-diesel Semi.

I want to thank everyone who came, brought their cars, gear, and the SEVA banner. I apologize for not doing better with names and being unable to give proper credit and thanks to all who made it happen for EV's at the Alternative Fuel Event.