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=== Photos ===
=== Photos ===
Anyone got Photos? Upload them now or send them to [[User:Rjf]]! ''I've only got 4 and they are centered arround my Prius so...''
Anyone got Photos? Upload them now or send them to [[User:Rjf]]! ''I've only got 4 and they are centered arround my Prius so...''
==== Daniel Marsh ====
From Daniel Marsh Photo Gallery [ Electric, Hybrid and other Alternative Fuel Vehicles]

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2006 Greenwood Classic Car & Rod Show ( PLUS Electric CARS !! )

Gassless On Greenwood, otherwise known as the Greenwood/Phinney Ridge Chamber of Comerces's anual Rod and Custom Car Show.

Mark your calandars ! Those Sunny days of June, with crowds of Thousands will be on Greenwood Ave. before you know it. Hope this year can have even MORE EV's to Show the General Public the Way into the Future, with FAST EV Drag Cars, Clean Conversions, and Plug-In Hybrids that can get 100 mpg!

A VERY Green Day on Greenwood Av. (long)

BOY ! We're we Hammered. I mean the questions, and inquiries just kept coming.. From hours before the show opened, till way passed the time we were all headed over to my place for the Annual SEVA BBQ.

Many thanks for all the Extra Effort that went into this years "Gasless on Greenwood" First myself... Your Welcome... But mostly the folks who came from a distance.. Mark Mongillo's and his 1968 Datsun Pick-up, and John Waland, just FRESH off the plane from Alaska, and Roy LeMeur for helping them both get up here.. Thanks Roy. and Mark from MC Electric for his entry, and David O'Neel for helping Paul Gooch get his darling VW Doon Buggy down from Everett. ...But also just all the regulars who came from near and far..Stephen Bernheim all the way down from Edmonds in his Sparrow... always a crowd pleasure. Father Time, although in L.A. at the time..for arranging two buddies to bring one of his classy Drag Bikes. Kent Bakke and his Red VW Bug. Andrew Schwarz down from Bothell, and his beautiful Mazda Miata.. Dave Cloud and one of his customers, who was kind enough to bring a very nice 4-door Geo-Metro... a very nice example of a conversion, which was certainly a big Item of Conversation.. Ryan Fulcher was swamped with questions on EAA-PHEV:Plug-In Hybrids !! Many folks recognized his perfectly prepared Toyota Prius, from its recent article in the Seattle Times News Paper. If we had a ready-made PHEV KIT, I think we could have sold a DOZEN right there on the SPOT. Dave Barden brought his Ohhh-too cuit Honda 600 EV. Want to THANK our friends from Green Car Company for joining us too. Hope they got a lot of ACTION. Wonderful to see those Smart Cars, and Bio-Diesel too..

Want to give special thanks to Ryan, for the on-going video show/presentation out of the back of his Prius... Always a gathering point for crowds. Many folks still BLOWN AWAY once realizing how FAST Plasma Boys White Zombie Datsun is.... A great show.

I was way horse of voice by noon... Shouting at the crowd, when folks would walk by with out stopping..." You'll be BACK when gas is $5 a Gallon !! """ ( some folks laughed.... some did not... ) You have to remember we were in the "Den of Lions" I mean there was Oil, and GAS, and Chrome, and custom paint jobs, as far as the eye could see...

The only problem... ( which we WILL resolve for next year...) is having a designated SPOT before entering the show area... Like the Ferrari Club or the Mini Club, or the GTO Club. We went down, to where there was SUPPOSED to be 12 spots, only to be turned around and heading back towards the End of the Line. I jumped out, ( near 74th,,, and just Proclaimed a Half Block as " !!ELECTRIC CAR LAND..STAND CLEAR...WE'RE BACKING I N !! It worked out OK.

Thanks again to everyone. And THANKS to all who came to the BBQ. Chuck ! Thanks for the Chicken. Thanks the Bardons for the Tebuli, and the Meyers, and all the others too... It was great to break bread with all our EV Friends...

Now ON to the next show... Who's coming to Tacoma with me on the 9th of July ????

EVent and EVenture at Greenwood 2006 (long)

Hi Folks

Thanks to lots of effort by SEVA members and other NW EVers we had a record number of vehicles at the annual Greenwood Car Show in Seattle.

We were all amazed by the amount of interest in the EVs by the folks attending the show.

Including all the bikes, scooters, hybrids, a biodiesel and an NEV, we had more than 20 vehicles on display.

Here is a brief list of the vehicles in attendance going from one end of the line to the other-

  • Scratch-built 156V 100+mph Drag Bike by Father Time Machines (Don Crabtree) currently owned by Winners Automotive.
  • Dave Barden's red and white Honda 600 converted into a micro-pickup.
  • John Wayland's "White Zombie" 1972 Datsun 1200, currently the world's quickest street-legal EV.
  • Andrew Schwarz' Red Mazda Miata, they always love a red ragtop :^D
  • Stephen Bernheim's yellow Corbin Sparrow
  • SEVA President Steve Lough's beautiful red Honda Insight.
  • Paul "Neon" Gooch's immaculate purple 120V Myer's Manx dunebuggy, always a great crowd pleaser.
  • Kent Bakke's red 120V 1973 VW beetle.
  • Yet another white Geo Metro from Dave Cloud, he is possibly the world's most prolific converter and has created a long line of conversions.
  • Mark Mongillo's 1968 Datsun truck recently reconfigured to, IIRC, 264V with 1200A DCP T-Rex controller.
  • MC Electric's IT Dynasty NEV.
  • Two vehicles from the Green Car Company, a Smart car and a bio-diesel VW pickup.
  • The remainder was an assortment of bikes and scooters including Steve Lough's recently completed 48V Yamaha 125 conversion.

So here is a narrative of my view of what was a very long weekend which included my towing the Zombie more than 400 miles and having a turn behind the wheel of the Zombie...

It begins Thursday evening when I meet Tim Brehm at the Wayland Juice Bar (John's house). He rolls up with the trailer that has recently towed the Zombie more than 4000 miles to Illinois and back. Literally as soon as it comes to a stop at the curb, I notice evidence of lost wheel bearing lubricant on the wheel and I rock the wheel back and forth. It goes "clunk, clunk" as I anticipated with plenty of free play.

So.... Tim and I pack the wheel bearings on the trailer. And it was well overdue as one outer bearing had -no- grease between the rollers.

We load up the Zombie and chain it down. I fill John's tow vehicle with ebike and escooter and all the support junk ready for an early morning departure.

The next day I am well into Washington by 6:30am. After a long trip with many stops, I arrive at the FAA building in Renton at 1pm where John has arraigned to show the car to a bunch of FAA employees. John has just landed from Anchorage at 11:30am and meets me in the FAA parking lot and we proceed with a very fun show-and-tell where I get to speak lots of engineerese (no we didn't take it off the trailer and demonstrate the capabilities).

After that, I head for Steve Lough's place where I will be staying the night and hang with Steve and prepare for the show and the after-show bar-b-que at the Lough's house.

5am Saturday morning the Lough household gets busy to get the vehicles and display materials to the staging area at Woodland Park where we all meet to roll in as a group so we can grab our chunk of real estate at the show.

I arrive first at the park with the Zombie in tow. Within about 20 minutes, the bulk of display vehicles have arrived. Those of us who came a long way unhook and unload our EVs. The local EVers creep in silently with their rides.

John Wayland drove his Honda Insight so I get to drive the Zombie. I even had his blessing to "test" it :^D

Well... there was no "testing" going on on the way in because I never had more than 30 or 40 feet of open space in front of me as we headed into the show.

It was pretty funny going in as the folks running the show had no idea where they were going to put us, we ran up and down the 20 blocks of the blocked-off street as a group while the folks in charge remained clueless and the available real estate was filling up quick.

We all make a big round trip up and down the street with lots of frustration and then Steve Lough seizes the necessary space by preventing other exhibitors from parking where we want to be in some of the last remaining spaces that are all in a row. We finally force our way in and get them parked. Hopefully we will have a roped-off area next time.

It was a nice warm day and sunburns were had by quite a few folks. Many of us talked non-stop due to the amazing amount of interest by everyone that came by. The most impressive vehicles had crowds around them all day. Seeing hard-core motorheads getting on the ground to look at the chassis on a EV was a first for me :^D I spent substantial time checking out the show on my ebike and recharged it off the other EVs.

After 4pm the show was over and by 4:15 or so Seattle PD was sweeping us out so they could re-open the street.

With John following in his Insight I finally had the opportunity for "testing".

Having assembled a few motors (make that engines) that made in the neighborhood of 500hp and having grown up around drag racing, I am no stranger to high-performance vehicles. But I don't think I have ever driven anything that pulled so hard the first hundred feet. And that was on a cold pack that is not even broke in yet.

You really have to hang on tight.

I was able to get in 4 or 5 hard launches before arriving back at the staging area :^D

As we arrived back at the staging area I could tell that John was eager to hear my impression of the Zombie's performance. Let's just call my description "A 'Expletive' Rocket!" :^D

So we load 'em up and chain 'em down and most of us head on over to the Lough's place for a slow charge on the Zombie and our traditional after-show bar-b-que where a great time was had by all. Special thanks to Steve and Donna Lough for being such kind and generous hosts.

For me the night ended with Steve Lough, Dave Cloud, and myself discussing existential subjects long after everyone else was gone till after 11pm.

Sunday morning is baking hot and I start to head south. After lots of stops I arrive back at the Wayland's and we unload and chill in the AC while catching up on email.

I made it back up to Olympia by 11pm. Planning to be at PIR for Friday nite drags.

Come on down!


Anyone got Photos? Upload them now or send them to User:Rjf! I've only got 4 and they are centered arround my Prius so...

Daniel Marsh

From Daniel Marsh Photo Gallery Electric, Hybrid and other Alternative Fuel Vehicles

EVent lineup

Per SEVA_Maillist:2006./6./83

The folks organizing it say we should try and get into the Q BEFORE 7 am, In order to get a good spot for all 11 entries... So that means that we should rondevoux at the parking lot by 6:30 am... Donuts and coffee, compliments of Steve and Donna Lough. I know... I know... I don't like getting up that early either !!

  • Steve Lough - Honda Insight Hybrid
  • John Wayland - white zombie Datsun ( if his helpers can get it UP here
  • Ryan Fulcher - Toyota Prius PLUG-IN-HYBRID
  • Dave Cloud - Geo Metro(choped-n-chaneled)Dragster
  • Andy Schwarz - (beautiful) Mazda Miata ELECTRIC
  • Kent Bakke - VW Bug ELECTRIC
  • Don"Father Time" - 2 ELECTRIC Drag.Bikes
  • Paul Gooch - VW Doon Buggy ELECTRIC (B U T - he needs a tow to SEATTLE )
  • Dave Barden - Honda 600 EV
  • Stephen Bernheim - Yellow Sparrow EV
  • MC Electric - FeelGood-ZENN NEV

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Second Annual Wenatchee Solar Drag Race

The second annual Solar Drag Race will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 24th at the Confluence Technology Center in Wenatchee, Washington.

The winning high school and college racers will each receive a $1,000 scholarship that is beinq donated by Renewable Energy Corp. (REC Silicon).

For more information contact Jim White at 509-662-3359 or visit the web site at

Premiere "Who Killed the Electric Car" in LA

Per SEVA_Maillist:2006./6./58

Press Release, June 12, 2006

"Gone Postal", a two ton drag racing postal van from the TV show "Sucking Amps" on The Discovery Channel has been invited along with the star of the show Roderick "Wildman" Wilde and sidekick "Father Time" AKA Don Crabtree to the premiere showing of "Who Killed the Electric Car" at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 24th. The movie includes such notables as Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, and Ed Begley Jr. Mr. Wilde was invited by Dean Devlin's production company, Electric Entertainment. Dean Devlin is most noted for such films as Stargate, Godzilla, and The Patriot. The vehicle will be on display at an adjacent lot with many other eco friendly displays for all to see after the showing. For further information contact Roderick Wilde.