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EVents/2006 02 09

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Radio interview with Clear-Channel KJR-FM Public Affairs & Can You Get More out of Your Hybrid

Radio interview with Clear-Channel KJR-FM Public Affairs

Feb. 9th 9 am : 1/2 hour Radio interview with Clear-Channel KJR-FM Public Affairs at 95.7 mhz FM. Airing of this program will be some time in the near future, and we will let everyone know. On the Show with me will be representatives from Seattle-Bio-Diesel.

Your President

Steven Lough

Till Then...

Post Interview

Per SEVA_Maillist:2006./2./9

As always it went Very Well, but even at a Half Hour... time seemed short.

My partner panelist, Martin Tobias, of Seattle Biofuels, Inc and I got along just Fine. Both giving each others perspectives Positive Comments. Matter of Fact, seems Martin has a DATE to Drive the WrightSpeed X1 super sports electric later on this week.

His background is in computers and Microsoft, and seems to know some of the folks down south, round Silicon Valley.

The Public Affairs program is called "Connected" with DJ - Angela Kirby

They Air on Sunday Mornings, 7 to 7:30 am And unless there is a big change... it will be Sunday Feb. 26th !

I will remind you all... before 2/26 roles round....


Looks like Ryan Fulcher and I will both be driving over to Wenatchee to talk about PHEV's with the good folks at their Economic Development Council, with his "Prius with E-Button" , and Schematics on CalCars work In-Hand.... They are HOT to get something going. See EVents 2006 02 13.

Can You Get More out of Your Hybrid

A response to NPRs All Things Considered boradcast, You ain't seen nothin yet.

Thank you NPR, I look forward to some in depth and probing spots from you and perhaps PBS and other new and media outlets. Do you think CNN, FOX, BBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and such are listening, go ahead guys. It's gotta happen sooner or later, I promise it will be a whole lot more fun.

The administration should immediately shift all "old school" hydrocarbon subsidies to short term solar and waste combustibles, even shorter term wind or hydro, and even simple clean direct solar resources. Build new industries with dedicated sustainable energy resources. Initiate regional production and recycling plants to, through economy of scale, create affordable and reliable best of breed battery technologies, encourage our neighbors to do the same. If car companies could turn out tanks and planes then they can surely produce electro-mechanical systems ranging from wind generators to vehicle traction motors, after all we are at war. If an economies health correlates with the availability of cheap energy then what happens when an abundance of free local energy becomes accessible and economically viable?

To all my fellow drivers, these types of cars will be just like any other car but with less maintenance and potentially far more power and all that other essential stuff that you need. Safety will remain primarily a factor of speed, mass, design, and the nut behind the wheel, and could very well be enhanced by the versatility such power trains would enable. At the same time they are simply a number of times more efficient so you can burn out and road race guilt free all you like. It's not a mater of the ability to build and offer such products, historic and modern electric propulsion has always been quite capable if not superior from time to time to it's thermo-dynamic cousins.

ps. It's about smeggin' time... more, more, more! Call up Commuter Cars (Spokan), ACPropulsion (PHEV starting from the Battery EV side of things), John Wayland (Portland, performance aspects), SEVA...

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